Prime go aux input - iphone

I couldnt get the aux in to work on the prime go. i believe it can only be used with an ipad/iphone ? even then i cant get it to do anything ?

Why? It’s just an audio input. Anything that produces audio can be plugged into it.

You need to provide a bit more detail than just saying “can’t get it to work”.

What did you plug in? Using what cable? Etc. Etc.

Describe the steps you took, one by one.

Also, see here Prime go no sound through aux (SOLVED) - #3 by RobCamizzi

plugged both my iphone and ipad into the aux in sockets on the prime go there is only one aux in and it is two rca inputs (L+R) so i used rca leads

not registering on the phone or the ipad or the prime go

You’re still not giving enough info. Just saying “plugged it in” isn’t descriptive enough.

The RCA plugs would be at the Go end, but the connection at the iPhone/iPad end would depend on what models they are. The cable (and any adapters) would need to be correct for each model.

What does “not registering” mean? Please provide a more detailed explanation.

iphone 8 3.5mm lead into a lightening adaptor - there is no other way of connecting it ? ipad air 2 - 3.5mm lead into the ipad - there is no other way of connecting it ?

OK that’s a little better. Now I know what you’re using. So the little white Apple adapter cable (Lightning to 3.5mm socket) going to a second cable that has a 3.5mm stereo jack plug at one end, and two RCA plugs at the other.

Do you have audio playing on the iPhone? Is the iPhone volume turned up? Is the aux level on the Go turned up? Is the master level on the Go turned up? Assuming you have powered speakers, is the master output of the Go plugged into the input of the speakers? Are the speakers turned on? Is the volume knob on the speakers turned up (assuming they’re powered)?

i have done all of those things many times i have tried headphones and speakers like i said there is literally nothing happening

I found that on the IOS devices, that you need to make sure Bluetooth is either turned off or unpaired with external devices to make sure there are no conflicts. Also, when setting those devices up, a great ios app to use is backpack…it helped me with audio inputs and ios recording with a Mix- setup