Prime 4 with Native Instrument Machine mk2 and Serato

Can anyone please inform me how I would get the prime 4 and machine mk2 to work together, while music is playing on the prime 4 I can beat drum on the machine mk2 like some of those edm DJ are doing like Arius. I would like to have the sound come out of the same speakers. I do have two laptops, or can it work with one. Also if it’s possible to have it run with serato also. This is my first time working with these type of equipment with a controller or stand alone. Thank for your input and knowledge.

Use Ableton Link inside Serato and the Maschine software. It will sync the audio of both. Maschine audio would be output (probably using a separate audio interface) into one of the Prime 4’s channels.

Okay, now how about in a live setting without access to WiFi? With serato and prime on one MacBook, and machine software to another separate MacBook to ease memory…

How to Connect Two Computers Using a LAN Cable in Windows 10 - Make Tech Easier :wink: Or bring your own wifi router.

Will it work for Mac?

If your Macs still got ethernet ports: If not, either buy adaptors or, like I said before, get a cheap wireless router that you can take with you on gigs.

I tried to make one of those private networks on the MacBook with serato on it and on the other MacBook with machine software, I connected to the main MacBook (serato). Now once there link will the sound from machine on the second MacBook come out of the first MacBook with serato on it and the DJ controller plug into it? Or do I need to connect the second MacBook to an audio mixer through the head phone jack

You could either use the on-board audio out of the MacBook (with a y-cable - rca to mini jack, into one of the four audio inputs of the Prime 4) or connect an external audio interface in a similar way.

Also, I think you could plug the “Maschine MacBook” into the Prime 4 using the second audio interface and just select one of the 4 channels inside Maschine software as an audio out.

I don’t have the Prime 4 to confirm, but the latter should be the best solution.

Maybe @JWiLL can chime in to help?

What in trying to do is what DJ Arius is doing with her machine mk3

So last night I hooked up the prime4 to serato, pressed link and opened up machine software and linked it as well with the machine mk2 connected to the same laptop. Now all the sounds comes out to the prime 4. But when I press sync button on the prime4 it matches the machine bpm, how can I get the bpm of the machine software to match the serato bpm. So the tones sounds the same. Example the original song would be at 80 bpm in serato. When I press sync on the prime 4 it changes and matches the bpm on the machine software which is at 60