Prime 4 Wish List for next release

Since I have owned the MCX8000, I have been hoping for a controller with rotating platters. Then Denon finally brings out MC5000M. Now we have the Prime 4, but where are the rotating platters? I wish the next controller will have:

  1. Either 7" or better 10" rotating platter
  2. Be able to play and control music video files
  3. Have an option to not have the monitor - but be able to plug into a bigger monitor or existing laptop as an option.
  4. have the hard drive bay compatible with a bigger hard drive than 1TB. - As I play videos, they take more space than mp3’s.
  5. Be native with Virtual DJ and not just Serato (I know you promote your ENGINE)

You’re keen … they haven’t even got this one on the shelves yet :slight_smile:

I agree with the video output, a natural progression I guess but with a decent laptop and VDJ doing so well I would be hard pushed to upgrade considering the price I think it would be. VDJ working in midi mode and outputting video through the PC video card really works well.

Not one for rotating platters so doesn’t bother me.

The 1tb limit is theoretical, but it seems the main issue is the Engine Prime database efficiency rather than the drive size.

When do you expect that? Beginning of 2021? :joy:

Hate to tell you but the P4 will not play videos

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