Prime 4 Wif-fi failing to connect to WPA3 enabled networks?

Good morning Prime gang! I have largely been enjoying the Prime 4 this past 3 years, and being ablke to stream via Tidal is a gamechanger! However, I noticed a while back it wouldn’t connect to the wi-fi at home. From what I recall, it would attempt to connect (correct login details entered etc) with the progress wheel spinning then after a while, a message along the lines of FAILED TO CONNECT TO WIFI would flash up. Now, I share a house with an IT tech, so this isn’t your usual home wifi setup. Turns out that what is I believe to be the latest security level called WPA3 had been enabled. This was disabled via a dedicated network and the P4 connects just fine, as it does at venues. However, having played a couple of summer language student gigs at a college, I have come across the same issue connecting to their wifi. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. TIA, Tom

I am using WPA3 and it works fine but its possibly connecting with WPA2 as most access points should and its probably advisable to allow both WPA2 and WPA3 at the same time to enable older equipment to still connect but you are right they should enable WPA3 if possible.

Hi Tom same issue here. I had to downgrade my WPA mode to WPA2 (CMMP). Afterwards I was able to connect to my WIFI again. Greetz Martin