Prime 4+ White

Just found this, let’s talk about it. What are your thoughts?


It looks perfect for a gig on the planet Kamino. :white_heart:


It’s worse than what they did for the original Prime 4 since they did not even bother changing the buttons to silver.

Just get the 12inch skinz and get the same effect.


It’s like what happens when someone from Towie or Housewives of LA want to start DJing

Im just happy it isn’t in a SL1200 matching chrome/silver because I dont have the money for a new Prime4+.

I’m not a white setup kinda guy but I still think it looks clean!

My thoughts exactly :blush:

Isn‘t this just a skin? Black buttons and jogs, isn‘t really harmonic.

As an owner of the Prime 4 Ltd, I prefer the ‚proper‘ full-white look.

(it‘s really gorgeous, by the way)

It’s not for me personally, I would rather have a white prime go as that would look cool

Yeah, white is pretty neat, but a b*tch to keep from showing scratches, rubs, spots, fingerprints and what have ya. It would go great with my RCF Evox J8s in white though

I would disagree here. The black (OG) Prime 4 is much more prone to fingerprints and micro-scratches, especially on those upper left and right glossy areas. Some for the mixer section of the DDJ-1000, and devices with similar ‚piano gloss‘ surfaces. The white color really camouflages that.

Matte / brushed surface parts like on my black Live 4 are perfectly fine, by comparison.