Prime 4 vs the new XDJ-XZ


Pioneer have released their new standalone unit the XDJ-XZ. Does it beat the P4?


It’s still only a two channel standalone mixer, the other two channels are for external inputs.

You still have to analyse your tracks externally in Rekordbox not internally.

It still has limited audio format support (no FLAC, m4a, ALAC etc).

And it’s more expensive, £1899 :slight_smile:

Everyone keeps banging this drum I know, but when all the EP ‘issues’ are fixed, Pioneer won’t stand a single chance.

What do you think?


There are already two threads discussing this!

Are there? In here? I didn’t see one!

Look at most recent posts.

I have done and I honestly can’t see any! Would you mind giving me direct url link?


Ahhhhhhhh!!! Thanks, not in the P4 category, that’s why I couldn’t find any! I thought this would be the most apt category to discuss it, in case any potential buyers were looking to see the differences :slight_smile:

It’s no prime 4 . Just a semi-dumb clone.

I think pioneers release of their Xz will actually help sell prime 4s. People will look at XZ and ask what’s new for 2019 and will find nothing, coz there is nothing then will buy a prime 4


The elephant in the room for Denon is Engine Prime. I really don’t understand why it’s still so bad after all this time.

Its literally the only thing holding the Prime 4 back. And most reviews mention it too.

Why can’t Denon just fix it?


They are mate, but it’s taking a LONG time. They have a new software dev team based in New Zealand apparently, but yeah…

new software dev team

Is that the one based above the shops?

I would’ve thought a whole team would be getting things done quickly. Virtual DJ sometimes gets updated within hours when there’s an issue - and that’s just Stefane and Gwen (AFAIK).

Yeah, Atomix are seriously on the ball. I’ve lost count of the amount of features they have added just for me alone over the past 11 years.

Large companies have far more procedures, safeguards, testing etc. Atomix aren’t part of anything corporate so they can do what they want really.

I hear that denon dj will do the same with new controller i mean new jogs bigger 5000,but when will be the release i don’t know maybe AT NAMM

The issue with Denon is that things are announced and delayed for months. Pioneer announce and you can buy the same day.

That needs to be looked at too.


@kradcliffe I for sure like the method Denon used way more. It will prevent you from buying outdated gear when you know something new is coming up. It’s more transparent.


Test a Prime4 and you’ll know.

Pioneer is good if you are a rekordbox user, but the Prime 4 (despite all the lacks and bugs) is still THE standalone 4 chanels unit, and with a great sound quality, a big screen, fast and reliable.


I don’t disagree with that, but the fight to get Engine Prime to work properly isn’t worth it.

One feature I like with the XDJ XZ is you can use the USB on channel 1 and 2. Channel 3 and 4 can use with SERATO DJ PRO, rekordbox or as a line for turntables ,cd players. I do not like you have to put the P4 in HID mode to use SERATO DJ PRO. Let’s say something goes wrong with your computer the music have to stop to put it back in standalone mode. or I can DJ with the USB on channels 1& 2 my friend can DJ we’ve channel 3 & 4 from their laptop

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is a mcx8000 with steroids, or what should be more or less the 2020 version of this,if denon gave him the promised stagelinq support in my opinion it would be a better option than the pioneer for both price and performance, Engine is the only weakness of denon for now


I was surprised no one mentioned this yet.

Curious as to the reason behind the need for a reboot to connect to Serato on all the Prime gear.

I’d understand if it was a case of super tight integration eg moving Serato wave forms etc

The number of b2b I’ve done with USB users on Pioneer gear,

At least with the SC5000M I can reboot one player or even both for change overs, the P4 users can’t do that.