It’s definitely improved a lot since they first launched.

Not my feeling Way smoother on cdj3000 (a question of buffering I think)

Interface and all buttons, jog wheel, overall look of the device and plastic everywhere - buffering can’t fix that…

nothing wrong with plastic imo. lighter weight to carry.


Rent out 10 sets of plastic consoles to some Dutch festivals and hope for the best then…

We rent out tons of plastic controllers and they’re all still working : )

Probably need the alpha theta extended warranty then :laughing:.

Specially that cdj3000, that just died before the show with no reason. We sent it to service - psu died - no one knows why. All other decks plugged in to the same power source were fine. But Master tempo knob gave up on the 2 other decks also. I would rather suspect play/cue as they are mostly used… but the build quality is what it is…

I’d say that anyone who thinks one of these companies are somehow magically more reliable than the other and decide to buy products because they think they’ll not go wrong are essentially chasing unicorns.

We on the forum only ever see and hear about problems, therefore we can be led to assume inmusic products are somehow failing left, right and centre, whilst Pioneer are bastions of engineering perfection.

The truth is both are as good or bad as each other. At least one brand allows people to vent their troubles on their social platform.


Absolutely true. Pioneer is censoring all issues on their socials and forums as well…


The way their forums used to work (or still do) was when they changed a post or thread title, the original unedited text used to still appear within the quoted text so you could see what they’d edited.

It used to be the same for the old pre-inMusic Denon DJ forums as they used to be heavily edited and quoted text displayed the old passage of text.

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As much as I don’t really like places such as Reddit, at least you can see and hear about real world problems on there. It’s an eye opener.

The shouty Pioneer fanboys on the likes of Instagram and YouTube make me chuckle though, blinded by their own arrogance. Claiming to need CDJ whatever’s because they have to be ready for when that super club comes calling, and Prime gear just won’t cut it. They’re always on private accounts though, hardly the pathway to stardom is it, ranting on Instagram posts :face_with_monocle:

If I could only have time for doing that… LOL

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I just have to say, that is the best visual interpretation of how people and especially other DJ’s look at my P4!!! LOL

Thanks for the comments. I for one, certainly try to keep both sides of the discussion alive. I think it’s a healthy way moving forward.

Never been on the Pioneer forum, maybe I should. :wink: My last DJ devices of them were the CDJ500’s… although friends of mine do have the XDJ1000’s and all-in-ones I sometimes play on.

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Ive had plenty of their gear over the years Reese, a DJM-600, DJM-800, DDJ-SX2, XDJ-R1, DDJ-SP1, a CDJ-800 mk1, 2 x CDJ-1000 mk3’s and a CDJ-350… been happy with them on the whole, although the XDJ-R1 gave me quite a few issues at gigs iirc, thankfully standalone gear has moved on quite a bit since then.

Man can you imagine how wonderful that service will be! Sigh

Interesting. I didn’t know there was a rental market for controllers.

I assume you mean the button. That’s another thing I keep harping on InMusic to add: On screen redundant touch detection for layer and key lock in case those buttons go out, and even to help us wear the physical buttons less. There’s a layer icon that’s totally appropriate for that purpose, and if you tap the key and keylock isn’t on, tapping it should turn it on, while holding it for a second or two should deactivate it. If keylock is already on, then tapping it should obviously go to the (still simplistic) key change stuff.

I’ve never personally seen that on the official Pioneer forums. All technical issues, general complaints, or feature requests that I’ve ever posted or interacted with still appear to be there completely unaltered, even if sometimes they’re difficult to find. Neither is anything hidden in some dev-only sub-forum archive now, nor have the posts ever been selectively edited for content, let alone to intentionally change its original meaning.

There are some really weird posts that I’ve noticed don’t get any attention, but they’re odd enough that it’s understandable. I’m not even sure how some of those posts end up formatted the way they do to be so unreadable. Other crude stuff has been edited when it occasionally occurs, threads locked, and users banned, but that’s a different story, obviously.

I’ve also interacted with their devs on the Reddit forum, and they seemed receptive to concerns & questions, and surprisingly open to revealing technical info and the motivations for certain recent changes. That’s how I learned about the specifics on the move to the Plus db.

Yup! We rent them quit a bit! And mostly SR2s at that!

denon sound with pioneer features

we can always dream…