Prime 4 & virtual dj

does/will this unit be able to work with vdj, like it does with serato, to import existing playlists, folders, hot cues and loop information?

it seems a shame if you’ve spent all that time hot cueing etc on vdj, and not have the ability to export them to another platform.

There is no compatibility between the VDJ database and any other software at the moment.

I don’t think Denon and Atomix have any sort of relationship as the SC5000 is still not supported in VDJ and from what I read on their forums they have asked Denon for information several times and never received it.

Would be nice if all software vendors could agree on a standard for this information but it’s not going to happen.

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@kradcliffe, thank for ur reply.

I agree with ur comments. it’s not the end of the world, as I’ve been working on getting my choonz set up in engine (albeit, I was looking to get the 8000, then along came prime 4).

having said that, it would benefit Denon if they could come to an agreement with vdj, as I’m sure there are a good few vdj users who would love to use the engine software, without having to go thru the huge task of redoing their entire library.

At least if or when you take a step up from virtual dj software to professional hardware, you’ve only got to make the jump once

Well you say that but I have already had a Prime database corrupt and I lost everything.

I know it’s my fault for not keeping a backup of it but I have never had any issues for the 11 years I have been a VDJ user.


VDJ is just as pro a software as the Prime units are pro hardware. Kradcliffe is, I believe, using the mcx8000 and VDJ is a way better solution for that, than EP or even Serato. (To be honest) If I hadnt switch to VDJ when I had the mcx8000, i would probably had run it over with a tank or offered it to the shooting-range for practiceshooting.

That a side, I havent used a computer since I bought the SC5000 and I love them, buuut… If I should use another software than EP, I would prefer VDJ connected to the SC5000 at any time.


Denon really need to add VDJ to the list of DJ software that the Prime 4 can import from.

Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox, Engine - OK fine, but a lot of DJs use Virtual DJ. If this unit is going to be a success with mobile DJs then it needs to import from VDJ too.


It’s primarily being sold as a standalone unit with Engine though. There are far cheaper options if you just want a midi controller for VDJ.

@PKtheDJ is asking for VDJ import support not midi

I dont use VDJ but i think they still need to support the major dj softwares in midi mode as well as import mode.

Sorry, yeah DB support. Problem is that VDJ uses an XML type database rather than tag info.

Rekordbox uses XML as well …no?

@kradcliffe it’s not so much the fact that there are cheaper controllers for vdj. it’s more the fact that I would like to buy the prime 4, but not have to manually configure/do my cue points etc all over again. the whole point is it seems strange that Denon/engine prime makes it easy import other mainstream software which, in turn, helps the user to move over to EP, but don’t do the same for vdj users to jump ship. I understand the compatibility issue, but I’m sure if they allowed the guys at vdj to assist them they could sort it


They all use databases of some kind. That’s how the Prime 4 does the importing - it doesn’t read through every tag of all your MP3s, it reads the database.

heard elsewhere that the denon sdk for prime was also broken, which means serato/vdj integration efforts are dead in the water. any updates? @Nekoro_DenonDJ

Hi @jalderwood, we are still working with Serato on PRIME 4 integration and will have updated info when we are closer to publicly announcing anything. We appreciate everyones patience on this!

To go from VirtualDJ to Prime, you can buy the “DJ Conversion Utility (DJCU)” from It will take your VirtualDJ library and convert it to Rekordbox format. From this point you can either use Engine Prime or “Denon Conversion Utility (DeCU)” from the same developer.

you mentioned serato but not vdj. does this mean no vdj support will be possible? i read in vdj forum that there is a problem with the sdk which can only be fixed by denon, so their effort is halted.

Apologies, I only have info on Serato DJ Pro functionality.