Prime 4 upgrade... please

Hi, It is summer, we work now with our device. On stage. Why didn’t we have our firmware update with preview function on Prime 4 ? Why on Prime 2 and not on Prime 4? Is the cpu different ?

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you’re on stage during the pandemic lockdown ? The few seconds saved by not hav in g to load a track onto a deck where you can preview it properly is somewhat unimportant when we’ve got no summer audiences.

Preview is hardly a show-stopper.

The pandemic means that most workers are able to only work to a fraction of their usual efficiency, with a fraction of their usual interaction and collaboration with colleagues.

I doubt we’ll see any more firmware releases in 2020

On top of that, we’ve already been told, months ago that preview on a 4 channel device is more difficult to achieve than on a two channel device.

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We work at home. And we are not locked down here.

Denon announced in january Engine OS… we still have different versions on devices. (Developers work at home too)

My Prime go has different effects, preview… The Prime 4 has other effects (with different settings - ex Phaser or Flanger with 32/64 bars settings on Pgo but 8 bars max on P4…)

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They’re never going to be the same. They are at different price points. If someone could get every feature on a €500 item, why would anyone buy the €900 item ?

As for when? No amount of posting of hurry ups seems to have any traction with denon for their free updates

However some rough roadmap would be very nice! Simply makes you feel better a bit :wink:

Track preview is a must for most djs.

I could see that being the case for a very small percentage of DJs on two deck models, but not 4 decks

Please speak for yourself, not for “most DJs”.

Personally I see no need. As long as the equipment has the ability to cue using headphones, nothing else is required. That’s all DJs have needed for many decades. Probably since before you were born!

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You have serious issues bro . Look what you wrote,…speak for yourself and then you say thats all djs have needed…and finally i was born 1971, what about you? And what does this matter??? @DenonStuff, please filter somehow the quality of this forum members.


What you wrote might be your own view on the matter, but it’s not “a must for all DJs”. That’s your opinion, not a fact.

What I said is a fact. DJs have been perfectly able to do their job without having some kind of “pre-cue cue”, for many decades.

And if its my opinion what is wrong with that??? And why you are talking as track preview request is something terrible??? I dont get you, sorry.

It is not a response. No one needs a Prime device in this case. 2 cd players and a dual channel mixer are enough :blush:

That was the promise : same Os on every device.

[sigh] I didn’t say there’s anything wrong with your opinion. Just with the accuracy of what you wrote.

I also didn’t say it was terrible. Just that it’s not necessary.

I agree. :sunglasses::+1:t3::blush:

We just need a planification from Denon.

That is like a release date for soundcloud and beatport compatibility

No it’s clearly not.

How many DJ’s on Pioneer gear or most controllers that don’t know about this feature? My guess is 90% or above.

Most DJ’s just know their music… You’re talking utter nonsense.

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Careful what you ask for - it could easily be decided that you’re one of those members that need “filtering”.

Yes, filter me, no pb.

@JonnyXDA did you see when dj_chris joined the forum? :joy:

Yes some days after i purchased my P4.:rofl:

Can I ask what you used before track preview was even a thing?