Prime 4 Update DJ 2.0 --> back to Engine 1.6.1?

Can I reset the DJ2.0 update on the Prime4 to engine 1.6.1? My SSD in Prime is out of function…I see the tracks but they cannot play or edit them. External USB sticks still processed with engine 1.6.1 lose all crates and a playlist is created from individual titles of the crates. Please help. I have 2 events over the weekend. for these i had created special crates…

“Update” to the old version. Done.

Hello! are you sure … quite simply “back to the old version”…the programs are so far based on the future … i will trust!

You need to go back to Engine desktop 1.6 as well.

Hallo! I did it …1.6.1 is online again in the prime4! Excellent! Thank you very much for the help and professionalism that gives you security!

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Sorry to reopen an old thread, but does anyone have the desktop 1.6.1 installer?