Prime 4 Touch Screen Not Working

My touchscreen is unresponsive. Anyone else experience this? Quick fix? Thanks!

What’s up @conbroski,

Personally no. Give some more details and perhaps someone else in the forum will read this and might be of some help.

Indeed “press harder” probably wouldn’t be the right advice…

@conbroski could you shoot a video and link it here?

Thanks for the video, however, there’s not much we can do as forum members. There isn’t a magic button to enable/disable the touchscreen.

You probably need hardware support or even better contact the retailer where you’ve bought Prime4.

One thing you can try is re-flash the firmware. Power ON while holding EJECT. Connect a computer via USB and try updating that way.

Otherwise @Anthony_DDJ heads up!

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I bought the unit off Reverb. I didn’t have any issues at first, but it’s become more frequent that the touchscreen becomes unresponsive. Would hate for this to occur during a live set.


Seems like a loose connection between screen and base unit. If you move the screen, do you get it to work again?

Let’s wait for Anthony to check this topic. He’ll probably ask for your contact details via DM. :wink:

Thanks my dude. On all inquiries i’ve had!

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that’s not a “software” or firmware issue. It’s is potentially either the screen or a connection point and you should address either with Denon Hardware support or the dealer if it’s very new. - Like Reese said!


Thanks for the video. Unfortunately, it looks like a repair issue. I recommend getting in touch with Denon DJ support.

The link below will take you there:

Denon DJ Support

Good luck!

Hey @conbroski - As some of the forum members have mentioned, some more information will be needed to fully diagnose the issues. If you’d like to connect with technical support, please feel free to DM me and share more information regarding your situation. Happy to help!


@Mixlive @Reese

Please note I have heard from @Anthony_DDJ, but no one from Denon DJ Support. This issue is still ongoing and idk who else to turn to besides this Forum.


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Wow! Nearly 2 months and no resolution? It appears that the ball was dropped somewhere. Try reaching out to @Anthony_DDJ again, and also contacting support directly via the Denon DJ website (see link below).

Good luck & Happy Holidays :gift:

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Hey @conbroski - Very sorry to hear. Let’s connect one more time and try to re-establish connection.

@Anthony_DDJ Here and ready to re-establish. What do I need to do?