Prime 4, Tidal integration: Sort playlist options

Hi there,

Love the prime 4 and the Tidal integration. It would be nice if:

  1. The original sort order of the Tidal playlist is maintained (instead of alphabetically).
  2. It is made possible to sort an Tidal playlist by BPM, key, etc.

Completely agree! Really missing these two things.

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No one else looking for this feature? At least for a sort by bpm in Tidal?

How do you guys handle it when mixing music from a Tidal collection/playlist? Any suggestion appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: ! Thanks!

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Learn the tracks by listening to them

I am lucky to have a copy of Serato Dj. In there I splitted my playlist and made a playlist per bpm. Using Serato just for beat analyses and making Tidal playlists, but spinning on the Prime 4 stand alone. So that got me alot of playlists, but I can manage. But without that, I would me lost on my Prime 4 in my Tidal playlists.

I have seen in some early video’s on youtube, that in a first release of the Tidal integration, the original sort order in a Tidal playlist is preserved on the Prime 4, so I think this feature is lost in a newest update of the firmware. Maybe some of DenonDJ can comment on this?

I also experiment with the Beatport integration. The order of the playlist on Beatport is also the order of the playlist on the Prime 4. That is better then the Tidal integration. But no sort options here too.

Both integrations can so powerfull by just adding the sort options.


Just got a Prime Go, stunned to find that sorting TIDAL playlists by BPM/Key in 2.0 isn’t a thing, unless I’m really missing something. Been using TIDAL integration on Serato for over a year and a half now, zero issues with it, absolutely need this functionality on the Prime hardware !!


Any development on the possibility the sort my tidal playlist on my prime 4 by BPM ?

Many thanks

It is incomprehensible that this function has not yet been implemented. Especially if all tracks in the playlist have already been analyzed. Regardless of Tidal, it must then be possible to change the order by bpm or key internally in the system. I would be very happy about a comment or hint from the development department in this regard because I still can’t believe that it still doesn’t exist.