Prime 4 support for enntec Open DMX engine lightning


I just bought the Enntec open dmx en found out that it doesn’t work with the prime 4. Is there goin to be an update with support for the enntec open dmx soon?

For now it only works with the soundswitch on a laptop…

The all in one option is really the reason i bought it all!

Hope to here from you soon…

Only soundswitch works in stand alone with Denon. To use free engine light, You need a micro dmx or control one.

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The soundswitch dongle is out of stock for the next 6 months. Enntec cost 3 x the price of the SS dongle but gets full support from soundswitch.

I dont use the free version of sound switch. Full dmx light show. Hope there is going to be support from Denon soon!

We already got the info, that with Denon dj gear only official soundswitch dongles and controllers will work.

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Westend DJ in the UK have had a few recently and is reported as “in stock”. I ordered one as a second universe two weeks ago and it arrived. I know that you don’t want to buy another but maybe grab one as a spare for now?

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Thnx for the reply. I send them an e-mail with the question if its possible to send the dongle to the Netherlands.

From the website it is not possible to send outside the uk.

That’s a shame it’s UK only.

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