Prime 4 stuck on Engine Dj after failed update

So I tried to update the OS on my prime 4 via pc, but the installer froze in my pc, so I closed it and then tried it again then it failed to update after turning off and on the prime 4 is stuck on Engine DJ with the little chip icon that means it’s waiting for the software on the pc to update it, but the software refuses to do it keeps freezing or loads endless. After hard restarting it trying to downgrade the OS and to update again, I don’t know what to do anymore.

I tried everything I read all the other responses on this topic in this forum, and it just dost work it keeps in the engine DJ screen frozen, when I try to update via pc it keeps hanging on 3-9%, and it just stops after hours it keeps at 5-9% I tried to update via USB but with the screen only showing engine DJ with a chip I don’t know if It’s trying to read it or just dost even knows is there.

Have you tried updating via Wi-Fi (OTA)?

Or is it stuck in update mode? Have you tried keeping your finger pressed on the power button to hard restart it?

its stuck on update mode and yes i have try to hard restart it and it keeps on update mode

@Reese whats that combo to force the unit into update mode again?

i think im already on update mode with engine dj and a chip icon under it

For reference:

Hold EJECT > Power ON

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It’s the same for all units right?

No, each unit type has different key combos

i tried everyone i could find on here eject,power,view and the both arrows to put a track to one of the 2 decks and the screen just go black and goes back on to the update mode

Please get in touch with your retailer or create a ticket at Support | Engine DJ.

I think there isn’t much we can do as a forum community at this point.