Prime 4 streaming services and lighting

A few questions for the community please. I have owned my prime 4 for about 2 years. Love it to bits. I am only a bedroom dj then put my mixes on soundcloud for pals to listen too.

My question is i have always downloaded music then added it to my ssd in the prime 4. I love trance music. I have never used the streaming available such as tidal etc on the machine. Any idea which is the best to try ? Any trance lovers that use the streaming sites on the prime 4 which they recommended? Do they have lots of extended mixes of tracks on these streaming sites? Is it easy to use?

A buddy mentioned flac audio files are so much better than the mp3 i use as the audio is much clearer but im a little lost where to buy flac music files?

Last question, i would love to buy some lights for my dj room for the prime 4 that connect etc. Any recommendations too

Any advice would be fab

Thank you for reading my post either way :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t care about flac files for a bedroom setup.

To keep the light setup as simple as possible get yourself Nanoleaf or Philips hue lights. They are easy to setup and work over wifi / LAN.

If you bought your Prime 4 new, you are entitled to a few months of trial of the various streaming services that are compatible with your console. You should find your personal codes in your account which you used to register your console to Denon DJ (Inmusic). With those codes you can try Tidal and Soundcloud for 3 months, and you can try Beatport and Beatsource for two months. At that point you can decide for yourself which one is the most suitable for you.

I use TIDAL and can tell you it works flawlessly…until the Wifi crashes from time to time (happened to me a couple of times) the bad: you will get BPM/KEY analysis until you load the tune on the Prime unit. The good: there is a bunch of music on almost every genre with commercial versions as well as remixes: The catalogue is huge! Also good is that you can work your playlist in advance on your phone and have them ready for your gig. Have not tried beatport/beatsource services as I find them more genre specific for my taste. Cheers!

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I know the thread is older. Tidal works wonders and even has pretty rare tracks (the rarest I searched for was some Spoontech label hardstyle/rawstyle and a bunch of goth/EBM stuff including some rare releases). There are of course a few things missing, but usually those are super rare tracks, released somewhere on a netlabel for free. Works very well, but I have not tried that on the road yet with crappy WiFi or mobile hotspots (shared WiFi from the phone). Track loading and analyze can take some time, so if you are mixing short songs - you might find it annoying as it does not leave you much time to handle the song. Analyzing happens quite fast, the BPM has always been spot on but the beatgrid can be all over the place - so remember to take 5-15 seconds extra to adjust the beatgrid on the controller. Would highly recommend to use the 4-deck layout and preload the tracks into the free decks to give you more headroom. It can be a bit annoying since there is no BPM information while searching for tracks, so if you are not sure if the track falls into the needed BPM range - eh can be tricky. Tidal Playlists work fine, just get the Tidal player on your PC/laptop and work with playlists there. So far I am very happy with the option - 9€ a month or whatever that thing costs is worth it just because the library is huge and if you need tracks that you would not buy otherwise - it saves you money. Audio quality is very good, tried a few tracks that I have saved locally as FLAC - could not hear a difference on my KRK monitors. Bonus: if you use Serato with your Prime 4, Tidal is also supported there.