Prime 4, Standalone and Serato mode simultaneously

Hi community. I would like to see a possibility for the Prime 4 to have decks 3 and 4 in Serato mode and 1 and 2 in standalone simultaneously. This would also allow for integration of interesting combinations of different pieces of software with the ease of being able to fall back on the software environment more suited to standalone in case you just want a nothing-fancy mix. Any chance this is doable in the near future?


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So far I know this is not possible. Technically this might be doable but sounds extremely complex. The problem is that the standalone device needs access to the media and the soundcard with low latency audio and the same goes for your DJ software (low latency audio, usually via WASAPI drivers on Win or coreaudio on OSX). That would require massive amount of coding, rewriting the entire Engine OS and on top of that adding a specific support to Serato which usually never happens to a device, specially a device that is 4 years old.

Your best bet is to add a separate controller for Serato and route the audio through decks 3 & 4 on the Prime 4. Denon DJ has the LC6000 controllers, you can probably use those with some mapping wizardry to make it work. And a soundcard that can route specific decks out to the mixer.

Currently the Denon DJ hardware is not even able to switch between computer mode and standalone without a reboot, the tight integration will not allow any controller access to the Prime or SC Live units while those are in standalone.

Just do what ever any DJ does to have a fallback - keep one channel as AUX input and route whatever you need into that. If you are super scared - set an analog mixer between your Prime 4 and the PA and route the AUX source through there, so even if your Prime 4 shuts down - you still have the fallback. There are some paranoid wedding DJs who run a setup like that all the time :slight_smile:

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I guess DJ’s always find a workaround :slight_smile:

Out of the box or at the touch of a button / added feature would be incredible. I second this idea!

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