Prime 4 StagelinQ & Resolume control

Hi all, New to the Prime 4 and loving it so far, mainly for the VJ interactivity. Got connection & control in Resolume, but I am struggling to find how you map the EQ knobs, or any other knobs for that matter, on the Prime 4 to parameters in Resolume as shown in the Denon video: Denon DJ & Resolume AV Demonstration - YouTube

Have searched everywhere but still not finding the answer. very much appreciate any advice. Cheers!

What’s up @PeterB,

I haven’t had the pleasure of using Resolume as of yet. I did a little research and came across this video produced by Denon DJ back in 2019 that’s specific to Resolume and the Prime 4. Not sure if you’ve seen this one. Hopefully it’s helpful.

  • Cheers!

Thank a bunch for the help @Mixlive !! I did review this video a couple of times but there is not mention of assigning EQ knob parameters in Resolume as per the Denon DJ video. I’ll send Denon an email and see what I am missing. I was using Madmapper but am switching to Resolume for this functionality, but will probably route Resoume into Madmapper as I prefer the mapping capabilities. Cheers!

Actually what’s shown is using the Denon X1800 to control Resolume - not the Prime 4.

Presumably the X1800 and X1850 are capable of sending MIDI data when used standalone, which the Prime 4 can’t do.

Obviously it will send data when in computer mode, but then you’d have to use it with DJ software, so couldn’t map the controls to Resolume as they’d be tied to the DJ software.

Thanks so much @PKtheDJ I didn’t realize that, I just thought all the products would have the same features. Really appreciate the feedback, new to the DJ decks, trying to integrate into my Ableton Live, Projection mapping setup. One thing I did see was that in a midi signal was being received in the Audio/midi setup of the mac when I hit some buttons, so I guess there is some connectivity, hopefully they will expand the Resolume mapping capabilities. Cheers!