Prime 4+ ssd and engine DJ workflows

I recently received the prime 4+. I’ve put in a 4TB SSD in the unit to centralize my music and future music collection. I’m not sure if this will work more streamlined in the long run. As the way of playing on bloody great and so much more fun. I love the unit.

Question is. I’m interested in how others work flows and what they look like with creating playlists and “syncing” time ect.

ATM I’ve got 800gb on music on the prime 4 ssd. Then I put it in computer mode and on the pc I create desired playlists. Then do the sync process. My question is that, it takes a long time to just update one playlist with a few additional songs and then I have to re sync everything.

I thinking now my daily playlists should go on to usb as they load quicker when syncing.

I’m just trying to figure out an efficient workflow and “base library “ system.

Any insight much appreciated.


Honestly, I too love the unit. As far as finding an efficient workflow that doesn’t take an inordinate amount of time, I have not discovered one after trying for months.

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Hello! I had to stop using the SSD card because it had problems and loaded very slowly (I used it especially to memorize the signals). With a pen drive, everything is better. I only use one streaming service. I’m creating playlists on Beatport and then I’m going to do prime. Quick and easy All the best

Since I bought my Prime 4, I’ve never been able to familiarize myself with the Engine Desktop, today I prefer to transfer my music to the internal SSD by dragging and dropping it into the unit without using engine synchronization.

No one has ever been able to answer a crucial question: Let’s imagine the following scenario, I have two storage units (Unit A - Notebook / Unit B - P4’s internal SSD), if I make modifications, markings and star ratings on unit B (Internal Storage from P4) and click “synchronize”, what will happen? Will the desktop be fixed with the internal storage information or will the notebook information override the internal storage information and everything I did will be lost? This was never clear on the desktop engine, which side is it synchronizing to? from A to B or from B to A?

Depends on how music files got into Unit B

  • if you used engine desktop to transfer the music files to B, then you can have 2 way syncronization (either drag and drop from engine desktop collection or using sync manager)

  • if you did not use Engine desktop, then “synchronize” will not work

All songs were inserted through Engine Desktop, some using the sync tool and many by dragging from the notebook library to drive B, but always through Engine.

Then synchronise should work without issues

Sync back changes from B to A before A to B

I’ve had serious problems with synchronization, after spending hours and hours organizing my library in B, when synchronizing with A, the system ignored everything I did and only pulled what was in A, that was horrible, since then, I never used the tool again, the synchronization system should have options for the direction of synchronization, every time it was necessary to synchronize, a window should open and ask: do you want to synchronize from A to B or from B to A?

Library organisation should only be done on A

There is no other way around it if you want synchronisation to work.


Well, I consider this a mistake, what if I want to keep my library on portable devices, for example?, on an external SSD?, on a HD?, and what if I don’t want to take up almost 100% of my notebook’s memory?, This system is flawed and must be corrected urgently.

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Personally I believe having a library on external media only and playing with it is a very bad idea and not recommended on pio/RB also.

It can lead to corruption, no backup, confusing management and other problems.

While you can do it, it is not implemented to work this way, and I believe it should never be.

Obviously this is my personal opinion and I understand it may be tempting to use “external media workflow” but this should be avoided.

I see flash memory in the same way, the difference is that one is inside the notebook and the other outside, the risk of burning, corrupting is the same, this doesn’t mean that I don’t have backups, quite the opposite, I have them in 4 places , the big issue is that my library exceeds 1TB between music and videos, the vast majority of notebooks today have 512GB or 1TB of internal storage, the ideal would be to be able to use the Engine Desktop software regardless of where your library is, in fact, it is software for analyzing and organizing music, it must be flexible.

  1. Engine DJ is flexible
  2. I have a 1tb macbook and my music collection in near 1tb
  3. I dont store any music on my laptop, i store it on my 2tb external ssd which is formatted in APFS.
  4. its from that 2tb drive that i export to my 500gb SSD/ SD Card/ USB flash that i use with the players.

You may want to consider moving all your files to an external SSD and use that with Engine DJ desktop, Engine DJ will treat it just as if its your laptop drive.

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So basically it doesn’t matter what storage you use as long as you pick one and stick to it? Don’t try and work with multiple drives across multiple devices?

To be honest I don’t think you’re demands are reasonable.

Harddrive space has become extremely cheap, so just buy an bigger external drive or if possible buy a new bigger internal drive and use the software the way it was intended to be used.

Sometime ago I upgraded the internal hard-drive of my laptop to a ssd with more capacity and used a disc clone application to copy everything to the new drive.

Problem solved.

That’s exactly what I do, I have a 2TB HD, a 1TB external SSD and I just bought another 2TB external SSD, that’s not the point, as I’m a wedding DJ, every day I add new songs from all styles, it is not viable to keep increasing the internal SSD, from what I noticed, the software always understands that the notebook is the main source of music, even deleting the notebook’s music file to be able to use an external SSD as the main source, every time I start Engine Dj, it creates another file, i.e. notebook: main source and the SSD is treated as a driver, ideally the software would allow us to define the source and destination, I personally find the software confusing , until I gave up using it, today I insert my songs into the P4’s internal SSD using the drag and drop process (using the DJ engine, of course).

But what exactly is your problem?

I assume that the application “asks” windows where the music folder is located and then creates the main database in this folder.

In windows you can change the location of the music folder:

Moving My Music folder from C to D drive in Win 10?

Change the music folder to your desired location and than I assume engine will create the main database in this folder.

Engine creates DB’s per drive. If you have music on c:\ and d:\ you’ll have a db on your c:\users[user]\music and on the root of D:\ drive

Engine DJ creates a database automatically in the default Music folder.

It also creates a database in any drive that you add music from.

If you move the default music folder from C to D (like I did) then it does not create a database on C.