Prime 4 slipmat?

Hello, the jog wheels of the Prime 4 are too slippery for me and so I am searching for an adequate slipmat. I have seen one for the SC5000 but not for the Prime 4. Can somebody help me ? Thanks

Because the platters are capacitive touch sensing I would have to say it would be a bad idea to put anything on top of them

Maybe try bbq sauce on your fingers for a few gigs. That should change the feels of the wheels

I think the SC5000 jog wheel is touch capacitive too or not ? But for this there are skins like this:

or The Prime 4 has been delivered with a sticker on the jog wheels that have good grip and work very good. After taken it off I realized that I better left it on. But now I couldn’t put it on again because it’s not more adhesive. So I think a sticker could help… but don’t find something adequate.

The sticker that comes with the prime 4 is designed to be removed. Leaving it on means the jogs can be more susceptible to phantom touches or grounding issues.