Prime 4 screen keep freezing

I use a lot the touch screen for the preview, and lately the screen started freezing after a while I tap on it. Anyone experienced it? I have this Prime 4 since 3 years, always worked perfectly. Never trow liquid on it or let it fall. Since the preview functionality was released I start using it and tapping frequently on the screen, very quick. Probably this made it somehow go crazy… I already tried to change the usb stick and the usb spot.

update i opened it and discover a broken connection

Too much pulling up and down the screen in those years led to this

Incredible ! Really bad quality ! It should be something meant to be moved thousands of times. Inmusic just bought the Denon brand, but that has nothing to do with the quality of the Denon of the 80s/90s. There, we are on Wish. Flashy, but inside it breaks down everywhere.

I’d like you to take a bigger picture! it is not clear in which position the broken part is! Can you please take a picture where you can see the whole prime open! I want to understand where on the console is the damaged part!

here you see a video. turned the prime upside down, i pull the screen up and down so behind it you see the rotating part with the broken connection inside it.

My prime is five years old and nothing like this has happened! I’ve been using it at least 3 nights a week since I bought it!! I would like to see how far the screen goes! my screen has a non-stop and does not go further ! I wouldn’t want it to be pushed too far to rip the flat like this

yes i used it a lot, almost every day , maybe because of it i acellerate the process

no my doubt and that I would not want the screen not to have a catch ! and you turn it up too much! because mine with 5 years and perfect without marks! i looked at it when i replaced the cue buttons ! I inspected everything and my flat is perfect with no signs of wear

Hey there,

as the OP said, i experienced this freeze last Saturday too. But after a restart of the P4 everything was fine. (fresh updated to the newest software-version) My cables are fine too after 3 years now.

I use Tidal in Wifi-mode - maybe there was a ram-overflow (after 7hrs) ? Interesting that all other components like EQ and even the jogwheels was still working. Device-Error? :smiley: