Prime 4 right deck not working cannot load anything

Just bought a new prime 4, updated to latest 1.5.1 firmware and I am dealing with one deck not working at all.

The lights are not visible / on like it would be ready to play as opposed to left deck which has play button, cue and others slightly lit up. It is also not possible to load anything into the right deck only 1 & 3 are available which are all assigned to the left deck. I’ve just tried loading something from tidal.

Any thoughts?

Have you checked the line/USB switch for channel 2 on the front panel is set to engine/USB ?


You mean your right side is dead? Does it say "Line IN"on your screen? Where track info is shown?

That’s what I was thinking

Yes, that was it, I’ve just had to set it to the USB engine, thanks a lot! :slight_smile: