Prime 4 right deck (2&4) is now freezing in vinyl mode

My Prime 4 right deck (2&4) is now freezing in vinyl mode, is there a way to stop this fault, please!! :frowning:

Nothing is touching the platter, I cannot make it stop (unless I turn vinyl mode off on that deck)

Thanks in advance!

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Hello @Kanzen,

Welcome to the forum. Check on different power socket, make sure Your power cable is connected properly and securely sits in the socket. Possibly check Your grounding. Don’t touch the platter during boot up of the device. Let us know if this helps. Also would be good to know what software you have on the device.


What’ up @Kanzen,

Go into the UTILITY menu and recalibrate your PLATTER TOUCH SENSITIVITY.

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Okay figured out the issue, there was a device close that was generating some sort of static close by, soon as I disconnected it every thing was fine, thanks for your advice, and sorry for wasting your time :slight_smile:

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What was the nearby device ?


Slightly embarrassed to say it was a plasma ball type party light, funny as it never affected my previous Pioneer model, but I had noticed I had to move it away when the Denon arrived as it stopped sound completely when both were on the first time use of the Prime 4, however some months later it was moved back close in a different position and only affected the right vinyl control this time, as it was closer to that side, everything resumed to normal once the light was switched off again, it was using a separate power source also… it’ll just have to find a new home, cheers guys!

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It didn’t affect any pioneer gear, as most of their jog wheels are not capacitive. Prime series jog wheels are capacitive. So when there is any charge in the air from that plasma ball, the jog wheels will detect that charge and register it as a touch.

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I was halfway through making a bug report when the “similar topics” window showed this thread, thanks for keeping it up!

My problem was (is) on decks 1 & 2, probably bc I keep my phone holstered on my belt @ my left hip. At least, I’m hoping it was something stupid like that. I’ll try Mixlive’s suggestion and calibrate; I’m quite sure this problem will disappear after these efforts. I’m not a scratch kinda guy but I use Vinyl mode ALL THE TIME for drop-ins, manual hot cues, etc…Oh that reminds me - I’ve been squeaking by for almost a year on this issue by keeping vinyl mode disabled except for when I employed technics above. (shut up! I’m busy! don’t have time to chat on forums!) So glad this came up! LOVING my Prime 4 btw!! Firmware 1.6.2 but just about to install Engine 2

Do it and you will be happy. You can get the best of the new firmware if you also use Engine Light to control your lights.