Prime 4 rebooting/freezing

Hi Guys

I have constant issues with prime4 rebooting / freezing up during play back on beatport link.

I find it usually happens when you have two tracks playing from beaport link and they both on the output. The unit screen will go blank and then prime logo appears and its rebooted.

Other times the unit screen freezes up (track continues to play) and you cannot do anything other then reboot the unit.

I am running firmware 1.6.2 I bought this unit 6 days ago.

Denon please assist?


Did you sort the problem?

My P4 is constantly rebooting itself!

My Prime 4 rebooted 3 times in a row in a livestream on different (bought) tracks. When i load them in it reboots. Had it a few times earlier and i don’t trust it anymore… How do i play live with a machine that quits whenever it wants? I read a few topics here with the same issue but no constructive solution is given. To say only use usb is not a solution either. Ive got a samsung 1TB drive in the prime 4 and it worked really well the first year… Is there coming a solution? How can i play live now??

Is it a HD or SSD? Your storage may be corrupted or have bad sectors/clusters. Testing disk/ssd surface and re-exporting collection would be a good starting point to solve/find the issue

Thanks for your reply. It’s a ssd. I only play official bought tracks that one time plays perfectly and the other time reboot the system. Maybe strange question: If it was a corrupt file, should the Prime not load it instead of reboot the whole system?

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Ok, hope they will solve it soon… Thanks for the suggestion. I allready change names with strange characters because Engine don’t load them after analysing into the Prime. I always make playlists in Engine and than load it into the prime. Engine works perfectly…

What format are these tracks? Mp3, AIFF? Etc

I think the devs were collecting tracks for troubleshooting…not sure if that still obtains

You may want to send the tracks to them via

Include a link to this thread as well

@Anthony_DDJ ?

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Hi @DeaconCross - Apologies this has happened to you. We’ll have to go back and forth a bit to collect some information in order to determine the cause of this issue. For starters, is your Prime 4 updated with the latest firmware? If so, every case is different and the best way to solve it is to connect you with technical support.

Feel free to DM me your information (name,email,phone) and we’ll get you sorted.

I have had all my SC6000 players to freeze or lose waveform and not responding. I have tried 6 players now total. Occures usually with streaming or onboard analyzed files.