Prime 4 + rane sl3

Hi, wonder if anyone tried setup prime 4 with rane sl3 for dvs. Is it working?

The Prime can do DVS with the SL3.

You can buy the DVS expansion pack from Serato.

The SL3 is now “legacy product”

The SL3 still unlocks Serato DJ without a subscription. Hadn’t hooked mine up in a while, so I plugged it in to verify.

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When you say Prime does DVS with SL3, what does that mean precisely please? Can I upload Serato directly to the Prime, plug the rane box and the turntables and then play? Or do I still need the laptop between the Prime and the Rane box? I googled a lot without finding clear evidence it does so and all the videos I’ve seen about Serato and Prime shows a laptop so I’m confused.

I have the Rane SL3, I’m planning to buy a Prime 4, but I’d like to avoid adding a laptop to the setup and still be able to play digital files with my turntables…

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No. The Prime doesn’t run Windows or MacOS.

The Prime 4 is DVS ready when used with Serato or VirtualDJ (so, connected to a computer).

Not possible.

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SL3 - Serato DJ and DVS Prime4 - Serato DJ (to use DVS you may have to buy the DVS upgrade)

The Prime 4 and the SL3 will both unlock Serato DJ that is installed on a computer

To use your Turntables with the Prime 4 to control Serato DJ (installed on a computer) you may actually need a separate Serato DVS plug in license

Because you have the SL3 does not mean you have a DVS licence. The SL3 is a hardware licence that works only when the SL3 is plugged in.

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