Prime 4 probably useless curiosity

Once the Prime 4 had network functions enabled, I first tried Wifi (worked perfectly), then decided I would also try connection to Tidal via it’s Ethernet port (also worked perfectly).

Today I was doing some housekeeping on my homebuilt PC based router and saw the following info, which I found interesting. I believe the first line corresponds to the Ethernet interface, while the second to the wireless interface. By looking at the Vendor column of the first line, one can entertain the idea that InMusic is indeed leveraging it’s acquired portfolio of sound/music equipment manufacturers.

They’d be foolish not to use what’s known inside out to them

This is known for several years. Mac-addresses are bound to manufacturers and Alesis registered ethernet NIC’s are used for the whole Prime set.

@Reese I wasn’t aware of this. Thanks for the feedback.

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