Prime 4 price increase (UK)

Hi all

I’ve just noticed the price in the UK has gone up to £1899.00. It was £1650-£1699. Is there a reason for the price increase? Does anyone know?

Global chip shortage, transport cost rise because of fuel cost rise…

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Ah…understood, feels good to know I got mine a few months back then lol!

It’s not only prime 4 that got a price lift. Also all the electronics got more expensive and as follows - all stuff that needs to be transported - so almost everything. Just that some things got a bigger % of price lifted up, so we notice it more.

I’ve noticed that too. Strangely the NUMARK MIXSTREAM PRO is coming in at £499.00. I thought that was supposed to be a little higher.

I think Brexit hasn’t helped and also they can push for a more premium price on these products now the Prime series are more established. That first two or three years of “new Denon DJ” under inMusic, they was discounting all the time, often half price or buy-one-get-one-free deals. Pioneer DJ never really do anything like this as they don’t need to. I think it’s a good indicator of the product, and brands strength.

The products and players stand up on their own now and don’t need the heavy discounts to get noticed like they did before.

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