Prime 4 plus not displaying metadata from SSD but on desktop engine app does

Hi. If this is the right spot to post…my Prime 4 plus does not display the metadata on my SSD upon insertion but in the desktop engine app all metadata does display (which is where it was all analysed).But why does the prime 4 plus not display this information even tho the SSD has been analysed to the engine desktop apps library collection? Only the track name and file type is displayed on the Prime 4 plus…

Did you browse through folders or playlists?

How did you put your music onto the Prime 4?

I downloaded the engine desktop app. Connected the SSD and analysed it on the desktop app first. So in “collection” on the engine app all the SSD files come up with all the metadata displayed. And on the prime 4 plus… playlists is empty atm. No playlists have been made in engine desktop app and there are no playlists on the SSD only folders. In Folders on the prime menu all files are displayed and can be loaded,play and then analysed on loading etc… but with no metadata initially.Only filename and type is displayed…no bpm…key… unless loaded. This long term would be painful.Thanks for replying.

And this is the reason and solution.

You should prepare your playlists etc on your PC and then you do an export to your drive, which is used with your Prime 4.

One additional point you should avoid.

Please do not copy your music to your Prime 4 and then analyze it. Always use the export function from Engine DJ. It’s a safer solution as your primary library will not leave the house, when you are on a gig.

May I add on as I should have stated this previously in case this does make a difference… I have used Lexicon as I am not a denon engine software user primarily… my SSD and main database is on Virtual DJ. That is what was exported via Lexicon and then imported to engine dj…which then when the engine app was loaded next time after this was done my SSD was analyzed automatically.Was there no need for this and using Lexicon? Does this change the situation?

Should I delete my engine database made on my laptop if this is the case and start again…

Follow the steps on the Lexicon Website to import correctly.

Be sure to import your playlists, as they are essential for Engine OS devices.

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