Prime 4 'Play' button starting to fail

Since using my Prime 4 for a gig on Saturday night, the right deck ‘play’ button has started to play up. Whereas it used to operate with a simple light press before, now, if i dont literally hammer it with my finger, it doesn’t respond, which has caught me out a few times trying to drop tracks in. Is this a common problem, or is it going to be a warranty job perhaps?

Thanks, S.

Recently, I also encountered this on prime 2, also the right deck. But it’s not the button, I think. When you load a track and some time passes, everything becomes ok. And this is not with every track, but one of 5-10.

I would like the issue to be resolved with a future update.

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Mine happens at any time you try and play a track, irrespective of how long the track has loaded for. Im going to investigate further and see if it does it when the unit is first switched on, then warmed up, to eliminate ‘dry joint’ issues on the switch/circuit board joint. Im hoping its not this though, as my Prime isnt used that often, so wouldnt look too favourably on Denons build quality if so…

There are some threats about failed play buttons.

Since this is a standard problem every dj equipment has, its not really a Denon problem. Saw a couple of Denon product play button switches and they are the same ones Pioner or other manufactures use. While the shouldnt fail quickly, you can destroy dem fairly easily with to much pressure. I killed two switches on a DDJ SZ just because of to much pressure. The second one just within a week, after that i knew where it came from.

Solution is probably, to solder a new switch on to the Board.

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The hammering may have been part of the cause as well as part of the workaround. Do others use the Prime, as well as yourself?

As others have said switches go frequently on any make or model of kit - there’s no workaround or quick-fix. The switch will need to be replaced

It sounds like one of the contact switches is failing. It’s probably a warranty repair if it’s still covered.