Prime 4 Part needed (used, from a donor Prime 4 preferably)

Hi All,

I have a Denon Prime 4 but I need a specific part replaced. I looked into getting it from but it only comes with a package when you buy the entire PCB power/connector assembly. What I need is just a tiny board that comes with that assembly, pictured below:

2023-10-27 08_56_51-PCB, Rear Assembly - Prime 4 - TWPC20C02401 — Mozilla Firefox

If you have a unit that is beyond repair, I would be happy to buy this part from you. Please message me if you have this part or know where I can just buy it. Thank you in advance!

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Anyone? Surely someone has a beyond repair Prime 4. I will pay $200USD shipped to Canada for this part. The part is small and will fit in a standard envelope so shipping will cost you like $10USD at most.

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Just seeing your post. Did you ever find your part? I had to replace the entire board that has all the knobs and deck sliders because of a intermittent channel 2 level slider…where was this board located? I haven’t looked into this with any detail, that’s why I’m asking.

I have that part available if you still need it?