Prime 4 overwrites Hot Cues made in Engine Prime

Dear All,

After having the Prime 4 for about two weeks, I have to say I am quite happy, the product looks really well made and I am enjoying it a lot.

I have a problem with syncing tracks between Engine Prime and the Prime 4.

I already moved all the songs I need to EP, it already analyzed them. Then I moved all the songs to Prime 4 (connecting the console to my Mac).

Then I started working on EP to add Hot Cues, Loops: the idea is to do just a few when I have the time, then connecting the P4 and update them.

Here’s the problem: when I sync the libraries, it looks that Prime 4 overwrites Engine Prime, so I lose every modification.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Use the Sync Manager in EP 1.3.4

It’s two way

Sync EP changes to Prime4


Sync Prime 4 to EP

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Thank you Mufasa for the answer.

Where could I find it? is another software or is some command I have to give to the EP?

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Should be in the left lower side of Engine Prime.

It’s the same software

Make sure you have the 1.3.4 version or 1.4 beta

Wow, I cannot find it. is it in the Mac version too?

Apologies, i just fired up 1.3.4 here as well and the sync manager feature is not there.

It was in the 1.4 beta and which is no longer available to download on the forum.

The most important thing to know is that if you do add extra cues and stuff on the desktop app dont use this highlighted button. Best to drag from your crates/playlists panel to the USB.

Do you have, by any chance, the beta to share?

Yeah, anyone got a beta link?

Guess they have closed the public Beta, because there is a new one on the way, so they dont want people to start a new test-round and repport things that might already be fixed in the next Public Beta…

But its just a guess… I would wait for the next public one.