Prime 4 nudge sensitivity

So I got my prime 4 a few days ago, absolutely love it! But, even with the nudge sensitivity set at low the jog wheels are still extremely touchy compared to my old xdj 1000s. I feel like I need to learn to beat match all over again!

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Welcome to the forum @djdwest,

Do You mean the nudge sensitivity, or the jog wheel spinning to loose? I also came to Denon Prime from Pioneer CDJ’s and I find the Mid setting of the nudging good enough, or almost the same. The Prime 4 jog wheels some times are very loose but You can get used to it.

I mean the nudge sensitivity. I tested a prime 4 at my local dj store before I bought and the platters on that were very loose, my units platters feel heaps tighter (I have read before the newer prime 4’s are tighter) so I was happy with that. But the sensitivity is full on. You move it a tiny bit and it nudges a fair way. With the pioneers you can move half a rotation vs the prime a quarter rotation or even less for the same effect. I’m sure I’ll get used to it though

Yeah, after 10 transitions you it just goes. After a week You should be good with it :wink:

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The possibility to adjust the sensitivity & a bit of test runs to nail the accuracy again just takes a bit of time to fine tune, had the same issue, but got a hang of it really quickly.

Adaptation, you didn’t buy yourself another Pioneer… you bought yourself THE Denon standalone-set… of course it takes a bit of time to get used to :wink: