🚀 PRIME 4+ Now Compatible with Serato DJ - Moving Waveforms, Sweep FX

Hi Everyone,

As of today, the PRIME+ is now compatible with Serato DJ Pro 3.0.12. With this integration, we also brought new features to the original PRIME 4. Sweep FX and moving waveforms are now available for both the PRIME 4 and PRIME 4+ in controller mode. If you’re a Serato DJ user, you can download the update from below.

Download - Serato DJ - DJ Software


I tested it, and it’s a big improvement compared to the previous version for my P4. :heart:


IS this just for the Prime 4 or will it support the rest of the Prime series ?

Just the Prime 4+ and some additional features added to the Prime 4.


Ok I wonder if those features will be added to the Prime SC6000 - 5000 series later. Thanks for your response

Im confused, what are you missing from the SC6000? this update is about one of the standalone devices.

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I don’t suppose they’ve actually enabled search/browse from the hardware this time?

When the Prime 4 first got Serato, I was stunned to find you had to search from the computer.

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There’s nothing missing I was thinking there was something new with the Serato update that wasn’t on the Media Players

As far as im aware they have the moving waveforms? I don’t use them though so just going by what ive seen on YouTube.

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Moin @JWiLL and all concerned,

many thanks for the above described update and improvement.

Unfortunately I’m a little bit confused (sorry I’m not an English native speaker) and I have a short question:

Is there an amended x.exe file available to install this update, especially for DENON DJ Prime 4 to improve


I only can detect this file “Prime+4+3.2.0+Updater.exe”.

Any assistence in this matter is highly appreciated and thanks a lot for your endeavours in advance.

Brgds BeatMaster

Hi Beatmaster

i think the changes are in Serato, to allow you to use Sweep FX when using the Prime 4 in Serato mode.

Hi @STU-C,

thanks for your explanation. I supposed it already.

So let me pls ask with simple no technical words:

“Does it mean that you handle the P4 gear from your PC / Laptop’s side via software, installed on your PC / Laptop? and this means that the P4 is not acting as a stand alone?”

Thanks and Brgds BeatMaster

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Im sure one of the Dev team will explain far better than i can, but im guessing the move to ‘software mixer’ on the Prime 4 has allowed this addition to work in computer mode, whereas previously when it was a hardware mixer it wouldn’t.


Thanks for your reply.

I already was “delighted” to read good news regarding Sweep FX listening before fader.

I think we have to be still patient :innocent:

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Before the new update

  1. When using serato with the prime4 the sweep Fx was not working

  2. Now with seratos latest update you can use the sweep Fx that is on the p4 with serato. So you get all the Serato FX and the 4 denon sweep fx. Somehow like the 1800 mixer.

  3. This is for controller mode, standalone still works as it should. Switching between standalone and controller mode is still unchanged (release notes did not say the otherwise)

Hope that helps


@STU-C @mufasa - Thanks for jumping in to answer these questions. :raised_hands:

Just one clarification to @mufasa’s second point, the Sweep FX in controller mode are Serato’s software FX. Serato designed them to sound identical to the Engine DJ FX in standalone mode.

And yes, this update only pertains to Serato DJ compatibility.


Dear @mufasa,

thanks a lot for your explanation. It makes things more clear for me.

Brgds BetMaster

Moin @JWiLL ,

thanks for your reply:

There are no more doubts left.

Brgds BeatMaster

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Please work with algoriddim and offer similar functionality for djay pro users in the future

I love serato it’s where started my digital Dj journey and have a lifetime license so could use it if I choose to but I just love the song match feature in djay pro to much to go back.