Prime 4 not seeing my home WIFI

Good morning All,

I got my Prime 4 yesterday and run all updates etc. Then carried on setting everything up. When i go to WIFI i can see different ID’s but for some reason my own Home WIFI is not listed…?!? Any ideas on why/how i fix this? Thanks in advance John

As denon kept the WiFi side of prime hidden for years they’ve not mentioned the WiFi specification of what the primes will work with.

For example will the primes only work with 2.4ghz WiFi but maybe your home WiFi only works on 5ghz

Similarly there’s WiFi security standards of WPA WEP2 or whatever, maybe the prime WiFi will only talk to some of those security options, but not others

That your orime4 is seeing any WiFi ssid names around you means that the WiFi is working in the prime so at least that’s one thing ruled out

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I think that you’ve hidden the SSID of your WiFi.

2.4 or 5GHz should work.

Any idea how i unhide the SSID? Its strange as my phone soundbar and all other devices can see it fine

If the other devices were not setup manually, it’s safe to say the SSID is not hidden.

Weird if Prime4 does not see it then.

Yep weird. This is the reason i asked in here as i thought it was strange that i have no issues with any other item seeing my WIFI in the house examples Samsung S10 4 kindle fire tablets Thinkpad laptop. Samsung smart tv Samsung Harman/Kardon soundbar Xbox one Xbox one x

Everything else is seeing my WIFI no issues Very strange

My English is not so good, so a Google translation.

I have the same problem on 2.4Ghz the Prime does not receive anything on 5Ghz all devices are displayed. Since I also had a Prime-4 before, I know but you should also receive 2.4GHz I think it is a damage in the receiver. I wrote to Denon to get information on which frequencies she works on (German / European model)

Greetings Andy