Prime 4+ not reading metadata/playlists - how to use in standalone mode

I tried months ago with the same issue and I am circling back round to this as it hasn’t been fixed yet and I need this to work. I have engine dj desktop (freshly downloaded-empty) & VDJ.

I am a VDJ user but want to use Prime 4+ in standalone mode too and not just connected via laptop.

Q1) Do I need Engine Dj desktop? Is it a must?

Q2)Can I make my vdj database work with it in standalone via usb’s/ssd? Will it read VDJ , playlists & xml file the same?

Q3)If i need engine dj desktop & vdj database folder/xml file and an engine dj database folder /xml file are on the same device when inserted in (whichever usb or ssd) does that matter for when this reads it in standalone?

Q4) Does it only read playlists for metadata? Not folders?

Q5) Can usb’s exported for pioneer cdj standalone be used too the exact same with the prime 4? As it will have a record box folder on the device…that matter? I imported one Usb for this for cdj use and it didn’t show metadata

Also…everything is formatted right to my knowledge for these devices in either fat32 if it’s a usb or exfat if HHD/SSD. Playlists are in M3U format. Images below are of a Usb playlist example (exported from vdj) & a ssd folder example. What’s the order to do this in to make this work? Thankyou

Engine DJ can’t import from VirtualDJ - I don’t know why it’s still not been added, as it’s been asked for many times.

When I exported my VDJ data to Engine DJ, I went via iTunes…but now VDJ can export to Rekordbox format, which the Prime series understands, so you might be able to do it that way.

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Moin @PKtheDJ and all skilled,

is there a program / tool , to convert DENON’s ENGINE DJ Database in to PIONEER’s “REKORDBOX DJ” Database keeping

  • “Hot Cues”
  • “(Automatic) Loops”
  • “amended Beatgrid”?

Or is in REKORDBOX DJ a tool integrated to import the DENON Database?

The reason I put this question to the forum is that I have a chance to get a gig and at the venue a “Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX6-GT” is installed. I use a DENON DJ Prime 4. I don’t want to set all above mentioned items again.

As much as I know, for the Pioneer gear I need “REKORDBOX DJ” Database setting.

Any assistance is highly appreciated and thank you very much in advance for your endeavours in this matter.

Brgds BeatMaster

ps.: I searched here in the forum by this “Convert Engine DJ Database to Recordbox Database” and at the PIONEER’s HP as well but didn’t find an answer

FYI FLX6 is a standard controller

  1. You will need laptop
  2. FLX6 can work with Serato DJ, Rekordbox DJ and Virtual DJ

Its not a big board like that.

You may want to bring your p4 along

Hello @mufasa,

thanks for your prompt reply and your advise.

If FLX6 can work with the above mentioned software, how can I export my Engine DJ Database in to this program(s) by keeping hot cues, automatic loops and amended beatgrid?

Is there (Serato / RB/ VDJ) , phps an import feature available?

Or will FLX6 detect the Engine DataBase stored in the folder “Music”, when I connect the gear with my laptop (WINDOWS 11 Pro)?

The master of the venue insists on Pioneer equipment, as it is installed there (his furniture).

Thanks again for your endeavours in this matter

Brgds BeatMaster

@BeatMaster I suspect this will be a job for Lexicon.

I was going to use mixo instead got a free trial to use on that. I did use lexicon and import to denon desktop and analyse the ssd. The prime 4 still did not read it and did the same on pics above.

So VDJ export - import to recordbox…export - to engine?

Export in Rekordbox format from VDJ. Import from Rekordbox in Engine DJ.

N.B. I’ve not tried this myself, as VDJ’s Rekordbox export didn’t exist at the time.

Do I have to analyse the entire ssd each time imported so in record box and engine?

This is basco longer process than using lex or mixo?

Like @PKtheDJ suggested Lexicon is the easy software for the job

Works on Windows and Mac

  1. Buy a basic subscription for a month.

  2. Sync from Engine DJ to Lexicon

  3. Sync from Lexicon DJ to any app you decide on.

All your cues, loops and grids should be carried over including your playlists.

The hardware unlocks Rekordbox DJ and Serato DJ pro. Separate licence needed for Virtual DJ and Traktor.

Dear @mufasa and @PKtheDJ,

many thanks for your assistance and your adivises in this matter.

As @mufasa advised it’s a concret workflow and it should be no problem to buy a Lexicon license.

I assume, I will need RB or something like that as well on my laptop, but now I have a procedure to convert my tracks and insert them.

Many thanks again for your endeavours and I will keep you posted.

Brgds BeatMaster

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Rekordbox and Serato DJ are free to download.

Since you own a compatible hardware already the Prime4 you may start practicing with that and Serato DJ to get familiar.

Dear @mufasa,

thanks and a pretty good advise and I will act accordingly.

The item of the essence was, how to transport my ENGINE DJ formatted tracks in to a format that I can act on a PIONEER gear :innocent: without losing any information.

Brgds BeatMaster

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Is anyone helping my questions? lol


My understanding and experience is that although you’d expect to be able to place tracks on a USB drive and slap it into the Prime 4, and you can, you’ll have no analysis nor library backing, meaning you won’t be able to search for tracks or use many filters.

There isn’t even a way to have the Prime 4 automatically analyse and add everything new to the database. If you load each file, one by one, into a deck, the Prime 4 will read the metadata, add it to the library, and analyse the file. Less than ideal.

So, standalone-wise, you have two options:

  1. Use Engine DJ Desktop to manage your Library and export to a media for the Prime 4
  2. Use Rekordbox to manage your Library and export to a media for the Prime 4

The benefit of using the second method is you can slap that USB in a Pioneer deck and it works there too. The only thing you lose is direct SoundSwitch integration, but you can get those files onto the media very easily without Engine DJ Desktop. The free version of Rekordbox has everything you need to do this, so don’t worry that you’ll have to pay or anything.

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Thankyou for the reply. I got this working the other day on my ssd inserted via usb into prime 4 and read it all fine. I understand how the routine works now but I have another question. I downloaded some new songs yesterday. Added these to the ssd and exported the database again into engine dj and the updated playlists. The playlists are all appearing red now except one which the new songs were added to that playlist? I tried relocating all red files. Nothing happened. I have to start from scratch every time I update the library engine dj? And do changes i do on the prime 4 like hot cues loops etc how do i save them on desktop engine dj too? and not just the ssd

Which SSD did you add the songs to?

Engine DJ is a simple software

  1. Say your dj music files are in a folder called DJMusica

  2. Today you downloaded 5 new bangers and they are stored in DJMusica

  3. Drag n drop DJMusica to Engine DJ

  4. Then do your sorting, analysis, playlisting

  5. Connect your prime4 ssd

  6. Use sync manager to transfer the new bangers to the prime4ssd

That’s it really


Nice one I’ve done that. Worked fine. Thankyou. Just noticed though when I’ve sorted them by bpm the whole collection the top few tracks aren’t analysed for some reason when I imported everything in. I assumed all the analysing would have been brought in when imported. I’ve tried re-analysing and adjusted the bpm range engine DJ analyses at to the lowest and then highest range after and tried analysing each time. Not working. My missing something simple to why this small batch won’t still get analysed? They should all be above the min 55bpm analysing option…