Prime 4 not loading

Hi there! My Prime 4 lately takes ages to load (like 1-2 hours!). It just turns on, lights on and the screen remains grey for long, while engine is not loading. I wondered if it has something to do with the internal drive with tons of music but I disconnected it and still is happening. What is weird is that sometimes it turns on in just seconds. (The firmware is updated to the last version, but it also happened before I updated). Any idea or solution please? :confused:

Something like this happened to me a week ago… It took ages to turn on and after it did the platter lights did not work… Then i got a driver failed to load and update firmware error message popup on the screen… I restarted it and it hasn’t happened again… FYI… I am on the latest 1.6.1 firmware… Are you getting any kind of error message at all??

Unplug the internal HD, then test the console for some time using only USB sticks.

Thanks jnyvio. No, not any kind of messages, what it happens is that the screen is just grey, with nothing visible in it. Sometimes, the screen starts in a few seconds. As I use serato, when its connected with serato after some minutes the screen goes off again, but still I can use serato. Other times the screen never turns on, even after 2-3 hours of waiting for it. Before all this happened, sometimes the screen and firmware toke some minutes in start working, but now it seems is happening for more time. Btw, I already disconnected the internal drive and keeps happening.

Hi… This is definitely not considered normal behavior… How old is your unit? Is it still under warranty? I would have to recommend you reach out to Denon Support, explain your situation, and go from there. I feel this is the best option for your situation. :blush:

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Thanks DjAj, I already tried to unplug any disc or usb drive and still happens. Some days it starts very fast, turns on and let me connect to the laptop (I dj with serato). Then after some minutes the screen turns off again but I still can DJ with the laptop (no screen on). Other days it just doesn’t turns on the screen and not loading the firmware, so is impossible to dj. Even connected to the laptop, the serato software can’t recognize the controller.