Prime 4+ no Stems button on pull down menu

Hi all, new member here. I’ve just received my new p4+ and yes love it to bits. I ve updated it to The 3.4 And I can’t see the Stems button on the pull down menu screen. I’ve googled the hell out this and I’m lost for an answer. If anyone can shed some insight on this please share

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Hey @Leo_Hill

Welcome! Unfortunately the stems feature is still in beta and has had just the one beta to test up to yet. You can do that by downloading this beta and testing the stems feature

Be aware that this stems beta is based on an older version of Engine OS so may not have the same level of features/fixes that is in the very latest Engine release. It’s just for evaluation purposes while they’re preparing updates to the stems release.

There’s no timeframe on the end result so we’re not sure when stems will be released to the public.

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Makes sense now. Thank you for the clarification. Much appreciated.

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No worries. There’s more improvements to come as this was the first beta. Keep your eyes on that thread for any new updates as they’ll be new ones for workflow and stem quality as time progresses. Enjoy!


Hello, since last summer Steams was in beta, isn’t it too long ago? or at least that they would not have sold it as a novelty if it is so expensive to work on, it scares me that it has been in beta for too long, in my opinion.

Wouldn’t you prefer the time was taken to get it right rather than release a half baked product that doesn’t serve the needs of the consumer? (like some other brands have done)


It’s coming but it will be a while off anything other than what was previewed in the public beta as there was a leak in the original Prime 4+ listings that revealed the feature. It wasn’t meant to list it as a selling point but it was and because of that they gave a “sneak peek” beta.

There’s nothing else to test yet. Enjoy a fun session to get a feeling of how it performs and with the knowledge that there’s more to come (there’s some future improvements listed in this forum).

I have only commented that it seems to me that it has been in beta for a long time. I guess it won’t be long until the final version… What other new future developments do you comment on?

I would rather wait for a finished product that works first time and every time. I do have a question, is the STEMS option going across the Denon range? Or just the Prime 4+.

Officially it’s just going to be on the P4+ (and any future hardware) but they’ve stated there’s no technical limitation rendering the older hardware unable to do it. They’ve just decided to release it on the latest hardware for the new generation.

That’s not to say it won’t make an appearance one day. The P4+ was stated as the beta test machine to give extra value to anyone buying the latest hardware. We could be surprised with a stems gift in the future, who knows?

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