Prime 4 Movin Loops?

Hello, Is it possible to move active loops in the track back & fourth seamlessly like the pioneer controllers can do? Best regards

you mean move to the next 8//16/ whatever bars along but keep looping? from memory is something like hold down shift and twist the loop knob

Hello, if you do it like that the loop goes directly to the next start point and cuts the rest of the actual loop. Cannot believe that this feature is not build in. Maybe I have to change the preferences. :+1: thank you

i haven’t messed about with it enough - yea starting the new loop like that isn’t ideal i agree - will have a go when i’m front of it again

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You want the assigned ‘loop zone’ to shift some bars right?

i believe you need to

  • 1 create loop
  • 2 define loop length (rotator knob)
  • 3 HOLD SHIFT and use the rotator-knob

not 100% sure tho’ not at home to test :sweat_smile:

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Yes, I know this way. But the loop goes straight to the next step and not plays til end before the next loop starts. My English is not the best. Sorry :rofl:

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have you tried to set pre made loop markers?

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i understand what you are after - i agree you would expect a smooth move from one loop to the next it’s a pity it doesn’t happen like that at the moment. if you time it right it seems to work some of the time - maybe it works better with quantise on?

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Makes no difference with or without quantize. Then I have to set loop with the pads and start and stop them again and again. A little bit annoying but it works for my usage. :smiling_face: thank you