Prime 4 mic no sound out

How do you get a wireless mic system to work from my prime 4

You’re not by any chance trying to hear the mic via the headphones, are you?

The Prime 4 (and others in the series) has a strange quirk for a unit allegedly designed by DJs. Despite the cue mix knob being marked ‘master’ on the right (clockwise) side, the signal you hear is not actually the master, because it does not include the mic signal.

If the above is not your issue, please explain further, giving plenty of detail.

No I am just trying to get the mic sound out through speakers from the Prime 4 xlr input on the back of the prime4. I can see the wireless mic receiver light flash when I speak but can’t hear anything come out. No indication on prime4 the mic is coming through. Pressed on button on prime4 still nothing volume was up as well.

There’s also a gate threshold setting that may need adjusting. Check the Prime 4 manual.