Prime 4 lights help please

Hi all

Thank you for reading this. I have a prime 4. I have today brought a phillips lightbar and hue bridge. I have followed the prime 4 video to set up the lights. All the eay through the set up has been perfect lights work etc.

I have now finished the set up but the lights are just off and not reacting.

Any ideas?

I do not have any speakers connected as just using headphones as kids in bed etc

Is your hue bridge connected to the same router that your prime 4 is, on the same band wifi, ie 5ghz for example? Is your unit definitely connected to the Wi-Fi and have you ensured there is a valid connection to the bridge in your device setup screen?

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Thank you Stu

It was all connected same wifi etc it suddenly worked out of nowhere. I rhink the bridge had dropped out for some reason. Unsure why but woeks now. Thank you for help though, sincerely appreciate it chap


No probs… I’ve only messed around with it for a short time but I found you had to re-establish the bridge connection in the lighting settings more often than it should. I think it was in the main settings screen before you enter the lighting dashboard. I hate the bridge though so I’ve got rid of it and I’m using my Amazon device to control the lights now.

If you’d just bought it all there’s a possibility it was doing firmware updates as the lights take a while to update and the bridge has had updates to give it Matter compatibility. I found problems with the Entertainment zone initially but I had an update which sorted it. Some lamps just didn’t want to be added even though they were compatible.

Glad to see you’ve got it working now although I find reliability worse when using Amazon Echo devices to control them. I have 23 colour Hue lights and two Hue smart plugs and often get “light unresponsive” on the Echo show when sending commands yet they still turn on/off. There is also no issues within the Hue app. It’s as if there’s ceiling to it all within the Alexa environment and I flirt with that limit.

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