Prime 4 Is Still Analysing Prepared Tracks?

My track library was absolutely fine before the 1.5 Engine Prime update. However since updating, both the Prime 4 hardware and the software have been treating tracks as if they’re unanalysed when they’re loaded. For example, they’ll both show in library view that a given track has grid information, BPM, a key etc, but both proceed to analyse the track when loaded (slow waveform loading, no grid/key/BPM shown on the playback screen of the player and software). Basically, it’s as good as playing out with a USB I’ve directly dragged some unprepared MP3s onto.

I understand V1.5 has a new analysis algorithm of sorts and indeed, when a track is re-analysed, the problem generally goes away. However, a lot of tracks still persist to load in the above way afterwards. Today I highlighted all 200 tracks in one of my playlists, clicked “re-analyse” and I could see the waveforms and BPM etc recalculated, but I’d say about 25% of them still behaved as if they were unanalysed on both the software and player.

The only potential workaround I can see is to re-build my library, but I really shouldn’t have to do that, as it’ll take ages. Some tracks simply refuse to analyse altogether, which freezes the entire system process. I love the hardware, but this issue is really putting me off Denon altogether. I just can’t fathom why the analysed tracks from V1.4 would behave differently after updated - especially on the Prime 4, which is running the same software version…

Is anyone else having this problem? And is there an easier solution? Thanks.

All tracks have to be reanalyzed to take advantage of the new BPM algorithm.

This is very true, but the existing analysis data carried out by V1.4 should still be read within the software, surely? The Prime 4 itself hasn’t even been updated since updating the Engine Prime software, so loading these 1.4 analysed tracks on the hardware shouldn’t really be any different than before the software update and yet I’m having problems…

Right, but what I am saying is because you opened up tracks from 1.4 in 1.5 it made the previous info invalid or just erased it maybe so that everything could be reanalyzed? That’s just my theory curious to know if anyone else is experiencing this.

This theory is valid if you make P4 read an NON-ANALYZED track: it will be analyzed by the current ENGINE OS V1.4.1 and you would use the previous algorithm.

On the other hand, if you use pre-analyzed tracks on Engine Prime V1.5 with the new algorithm, when they are read by Prime 4 no further analysis will be necessary, therefore the new tracks will enjoy the new algorithm even if the firmware of the P4 is 1.4.1.

Fat32 or exFat?

The drive is formatted to Fat32 - but even then, the Engine software on the computer treats those same tracks in the same way running off the laptop’s internal drive (which I’ve never had a problem with before).

I just made a post about this. All my tracks that are already analysed on the latest version of EP are still analysing when loaded on to a deck on my P4 with the latest firmware. Super annoying.

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Glad I’m not the only one experiencing this. I’ve still got no idea what’s gone wrong and I’ve still not found a solution either. The hard drive that I’ve installed inside the Prime 4 hasn’t been synced since upgrading to Engine V1.5 and I don’t experience the problem through that on the most up-to-date Prime 4 firmware, so it’s 100% the Engine Prime computer software causing it.

I messaged Denon Support directly a few days ago, but am yet to recieve a response. I might try downgrading to V.1.4 again and seeing if that makes a difference. Bit of a hassle, but my tracks/Prime 4 aren’t gig worthy with this going on as far as I’m concerned!