Prime 4, hard drive not ejecting properly

After installing the drive into the bottom of the unit, I still have the same issue with the drive not ejecting from Engine or the PC. I turn the Prime 4 on, place it into PC mode, the computer recognizes the drive. I can open and see the music files. I open Engine Prime it sees the drive and works fine. I try to eject the drive to close Engine and I still get an error message that the drive is in use by another program. If I try and power off the Prime 4 I get a message that the drive must be ejected properly on the unit. I try and place the unit into the play mode it goes into a loading type screen that won’t complete the task it doesn’t time out and must be powered off. When powering off the unit gives me a message that the drive must be ejected properly. With the Prime 4 and Engine software off, the drive still shows up on the PC that it’s still connected. If I plug the drive into the PC it works fine and can be ejected properly, it is only after it is connected to Engine that there is a problem.

What’s up @DJNightmre,

Sorry you’re having issues. My recommendation:

Installing a hard drive in your Prime 4 is a ‘nice idea’, and at first I did, but quickly found it inconvenient as I had to bring my laptop over to the the P4 in order to update/revise that hard drive. I quickly decided to remove the hard drive and install it in an external hard drive enclosure.

Now I do my updates/revisions anywhere (desk, sofa, coffee shop, plane,… you get the idea). This also allows me to use the same hard drive with my other equipment.

This is just a recommendation. Good luck!

HD Enc 01

Off-topic, that’s a weird USB3 connection on the case side. I would expect USB-C, USB-B or USB micro-B etc.

What’s up @Reese,

I actually chose this enclosure because of the USB 3.0 connection. It comes with a USB 3.0 to USB 3.0 cable. In the past I’ve had inconsistent reliability from Micro B connections (picture below). In my opinion the USB 3.0’s are more sturdy.

Also, having a USB 3.0 connector on the enclosure will allow you to swap in a UBS 3.0 to USB-C cable.

Micro B

Ah understood, but a USB-A to USB-A isn’t really standard if you’d forget it to pack. And yes, the smaller the connector, the smaller its reliability indeed.

True, it’s not standard.

So do like I do; Before you walk out the door, do a nervous-a$$ double-check on EVERY cable, etc. you’ll need for that gig!

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Or just buy a bunch of the cables

  1. Like 2 never leaves the dj bag
  2. I also have a bunch of spares for all sort of cables in the glove compartment

My issue has never been with any plug or cable. It was recommended by this community that I install the hard drive. I had the drive installed when I first started using the Prime 4. But I, like you didn’t care for it. The hard drives work fine as long as I don’t use Engine

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