Prime 4 Greek Language Search

Hi All,

New member here so please be gentle, I have searched high and low for an answer to this but have come up with blanks to date.

I was wondering if the Prime 4 now supports multiple languages as I DJ mainly English and Greek music and when I had a demo on the Prime 4 at launch I couldn’t search in the Greek language. Can the Prime 4 do that now?

Thanks in advance

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It’s just A to Z in upper and lower case plus numerals 0 to 9 from a standard qwerty board.

For any music with letters outside of that range you may need to either retag the files from accented characters to standard or store the Greek files in their own particular folder/playlist for folder/file name searching

In the long term, you could fill out a formal feature request , which has 7 questions on it, requesting that denon add the feature to firmware and probably the engine prime software too

Thank you for clarifying. I do find it odd that you can’t change the language but it is what it is.

Every character on the keyboard does have additional letters, but there are no specific country layouts to choose from yet.

Search the request section; there is already a request for other keyboard languages.

Hello Erkybaby,

For my case and as my Greek song library is not big, i renamed all songs to Greeklish. I know it’s not easy if you have thousands of Greek songs but my Greek list is limited to 200 songs as i am just doing a fast pass of Greek songs during gigs.