Prime 4 Fader Snapped

Well i am back again in the forum, ive had my replacement prime 4 since end of Jul and ony use the at the weekends for a few hours. I noticed the faders were really flimsy like slight knock and they would snap. Well guess what, ones snapped and the other feels like its going to go.

They are only 2 and a half months old. How do I send these back. They should snap like. My Pionner RX2s ive had for a year and they have never snapped ever.


“Slight knock” my ass - I’ve had my both my SC5000’s and X1800 for 18 months and have no issues to report with regards flimsiness. All reports say that the Prime 4 is built to the same high build quality as the full prime set.

Sounds like you’re treating your kit far too aggressively - metal doesn’t just snap unless considerable force is used.


Sorry, I kinda agree with @JonnyXDA on this.

Curious what the reseller would say after you bring the unit in for repair.

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Let’s face it in my opinion the fader in Denon Prime 4 and X1800 feel really cheap, it’s clearly not like a Xone 96 or some Rane mixer Even the old 1700 is better

The X1800s feel better built ive had a mates round here. The prime 4 as always felt shite, ive had 2 prime 4s now, first one was faulty. I also have a RX2 which is nearly a year old and they feel solid. I like Prime 4s I enjoy them but that shouldnt happen after 2 months

Saying that my mates just sent his x1800 back for a simular fault.

I don’t have the Prime 4 but I believe that @Reese either has one or has access to one in addition to the full prime set so his opinion on this is better than mine.

This is how Shite they are holded on by 2 tiny bits of metal, why can they just have one big chunck of metal?

2 videos of the wobbles


My 2cents: Feel on the X1800 is better than on the Prime4 faders.

2 years ago I asked if it was an option to replace the X1800 faders with ALPS K-faders, TKD’s or P&G’s, like it was possible on the X1700. ONLY because I like the feel of a stiffer fader.

However, it’s all VCA nowadays, so no sound goes through the fader anymore and manufacturers choose otherwise (read cheaper). I see this also with my D&R Airlite digital broadcast mixer. Cheapest ALPS soldered on a print, while my previous analog mixer had the ALPS K-Faders.

The Model1 and other A&H mixers are mostly analog, so they need higher quality faders. TKD in their case.

That being said, only aggressive slamming or zigzagging open-close of the fader will snap it.

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In other words, unless you’re being an absolute douche and using more than excessive force on the faders you won’t experience this problem.

@pops Unless you were under the influence I would contact Denon DJ support. If you were under the influence then well, you’re a douche… Sorry that’s the nicest way I could think of putting it.


I feel you I’m worried about my up-and-down faders to they move side to side pretty loosely and other than that they feel fine. But I am a little concerned especially after looking at this! I upgraded my crossfader at the bottom to an innofader and I’ve never been more happy with this controller! But just like any technology it’s going to have its flaws Denon is a good company and I hope they take care of this soon! I’m definitely looking forward to Future firmware updates on this thing and getting to use it with resolume!

nah mate i wasnt ■■■■■■ up, and they have been used exactly as i used my rx2 faders. they never snapped ever and my old pioneer sb2s as well… they feel shite and they are shite. thanks for your inout though

Totally agree -

The model has been out for quite a while now, worldwide, and this is the exclusive recorded “incident” of a snapped fader.

I’d lean however towards just a single occurrence of pure bad luck, rather than any sort of implied epidemic of poor build or poor quality faders

Things that come to mind reading all the concerns posted:

  1. Is it (remotely) possible that this is the result of transport, rather than use damage? I would recommend at least a decksaver on top of the unit at all times it is not in use (even if it is just sitting pretty in home office, practice room or bed room). Not just for damage control (the mrs dropping a bag full of coke bottles on top of it before putting them in the fridge in the garage next to your DJ booth :slight_smile:), but also against dust and such. I’d recommend the same decksaver if you plan on transporting the P4 without any protection or in a soft-shell bag. I have seen flightcases where the foam keeping the unit from bouncing around inside while being carried exerts above average pressure on the faders. This CAN potentially kill faders too. I am at the point where all my flightcases for sensitive gear is custom made AND designed with an attached decksaver in place. Let the foam press down on the Decksaver, not on my faders and knobs. Just saying.
  2. Some movement, even lateral need not be a bad thing. These faders are installed for regular and intensive use. Something that has no give (i.e. very rigid) is more likely to move when “manhandled” than something that can flex a bit with the movement.

All that said, I’ll agree with OP that breaking off faders (assuming just regular DJ use) is not ok.

The faders in Xone 96 are cheap china. Here is direct photos from Xone Facebook. Ming Jia - thing…

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Yeah I see that it’s a shame don’t understand Allen & Heath with their flagship mixer and use cheap China fader What’s the brand inside the X1800?

Didn’t check yet…

I think it’s a cheap fader from China too

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Could as well be ALPS, but it’s soldered on one large print board, so non-replaceable.

Hi @pops,

Sorry to see your fader has snapped. All of our components go through rigorous stress tests, screening and sorting prior to assembling into any product. During normal use, the tang should never separate from the fader body. The minimal side to side wobble is expected and designed to accommodate slightly offset fader movement. If the fader did not have these tolerances it would be more susceptible to breaking.

Your best bet would be to contact our service department who can review the internal components. If they find that the fader broke from normal use, it will be covered under the manufacture warranty. If they find the fader was broke due to excess force, they will still repair the fader but you will be responsible for cost of part and labor.

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Thanks everyone for the response. The Prime 4 as never left my studio in the garden. I live on my own so no wife cleaning it etc. Regards to the Denon post, thanks but it as been normal use, exactly the same use as my Pioneer CDJ RX2 kit which as NEVER broken nor as my old SB2 broke either. I still have somewhere the text message i sent my mates saying it wouldnt be long before these faders snap because they feel crap and cheap. You could say anything, excess use, too much force etc. Come on in 2 and a half months of weekend only usen thats about 13 days at around 3 hours a go. They should snap. Have you seen how crap the metal is?

I love my Prime 4s I got to say i am a huge fan, i enjoy using them, they are miles better in terms of features to my rx2s, My last issue with my other set of prime 4s, I must say denon sorted it and replaced them within 2 weeks. I am just getting sick now of silly faults.

Just to confirm my re seller BOP Dj as told me to send them back, however I have to pay the carriage, which is a bit crap… Will Denon arrange collection for free?

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