Prime 4 Duplicates appearing

I had a corruption in engine DJ using iTunes in engine DJ to keep my library super organized which iTunes does extremely well. After getting things straight on my laptop I used sync manager to resync it to my prime 4.

However now I am seeing duplicates of the same songs that were not there before. I thought engine DJ didn’t allow duplicates to happen well obviously this is not the case at all. Anyone else seeing duplicates and a ridiculous amount of corruption going on and weird error messages piling up on there prime 4 like FW UPDATE required even though I’m on the pastiest firmware and software??

Well, I always delete the enige database after an upgrade. Cause after an update I always have playlists from rekordbox which are twice as long. With duplicates. I am getting used to that. After syncing again from rekordbox all is well again. It’s not only in prime 4, 2 had the same issue.

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Same, a clean install of the library to the drive after new firmware, especially since they changed the DB on 3.0 too.

It wasn’t an update I just had the engine DJ corruption. Which for some reason seems to happen a lot for no reason at all. So I fixed the corruption and then simply resyncd using sync manager to make sure both p4 and engine DJ were the same never had any corruption on to p4.

Ive had a file from 2021 reload onto my device as red/missing when I synced on Friday, the original correct file is still there, but aside from that im not seeing any massive amount of errors with the process. Also not getting any firmware messages. This is on the Prime 2.