Prime 4+ Digital Dj Tips presentation!

The new Prime + :thinking:

Mojaxx too…


I expected a bit more, like informative jog screens (bpm/time/pitch), reorganized mixer layout, EQ for master instead of booth, Reverb option for the Mic, Sweep EFX parameter knob, a bigger and more robust view knob + layout + lighting (as on the Live units). Did the faders improve in quality?

At least it’s more than just Amazon Music, and together with FW 3.1 the unit is (still) very powerful and appealing. I stick with my Live 4, though.

(yes, I am aware that there might be ‘one more thing’… grin)

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Remember… there’s one more thing yet to come. : )

Oh wow! does anyone know how much it will cost?

Mojaxx mentioned $2200, I’m not sure how this will translate into other currencies though.

when you watch the full video and think it through, it would be a bit shocking if it’s not stems tbh.

It has to be stems. First standalone to bring stem separation

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officially getting my hopes up. been dreaming of this day.

There isn’t a lot else that warrants all the chat really. Someone mentioned video features but I’m not sure that market is large enough to gain the hype, although event DJs have taken to the prime units.

External effects unit?

It’s been a long long time since one was released by the mainstream brands isn’t it. Incidentally the mk2 Mastersounds FX now has beat synced echo on one of the channels, and it’s definitely one of my favourite units to use.

Poorly for us Canadians because of the exchange rate LOL

There’s no video out in the Mojaxx Video so I guess it is high unlikely.

It’s official!!

Looks like $2200 is the price i’m seeing everywhere

$2899.00 Canadian. I have one on pre order.