Prime 4 Cue/master headphone knob changes master volume

as title says, when i rotate the cue/master knob for the headphones it lowers/highers the actual master speaker volume.

its been happening since i bought my prime 4 (used) about 2 years ago. hasnt really bothered me as i had it set to cue only as thats how i normally mix.

but im thinking of selling my prime4 now and would love it to be 100%

have read before of people with same issue on reddit and one of the firmware updates sorted it. im on the latest firmware and still the same.

does anyone know if theres a fix for it?! im in Ireland.


anyone?! Not even someone from Denon?!

still happening on latest firware.

i also noticed if i set the crossfader to ‘thru’ for channels 2 or 3 it doesnt happen, but if i set it back to left or right it hapens again.

video here to demonstrate



Can you try updating the firmware to the latest version? Or rolling it back to an earlier version to see if it disappears.

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im on the latest version now, i have the unit about 2 years and its been happening on every firware since then. worth rolling back to check?

Ah, that sounds more like some kind of hardware glitch then, unless others have had the same issue its unlikely a firmware problem, I didnt know if it had only appeared recently for you.

The only thing I can think of (as you mention the crossfader thing) is that the previous owner has had the crossfader out and reconnected it wrongly.

[edit] OK I just opened up my crossfader and it’s unlikely to have been wired wrongly as the connector is polarised - but maybe a wire is broken?

I didnt see the ‘used’ part, it could be someone has been in there messing around (hence the reason for sale) and rewired something wrong in that case.

i know the guy i bought it from, he keeps his gear immaculate, theres no way he was messing around internally. someone on reddit had same issue and it was fixed by a firmware update.

it still has the plastic on the screen sure, its like new!

Not that it solves the issue. What happens when you have split cue on and pan from cue to master?

same thing happens, only way to stop it is to change the crossfader to ‘thru’

just to update, spoke to the guy i bought it from and hes 100% sure it wasnt like that when he had it 2 years ago, as he said he used to do mixes through the headphones at home if kids were in bed etc. i only mix with it set to queue all the time, so cant rmemeber.

rolled back to firmware v2.01 - same issue rolled up to v 2.2.1 - same rolled back up to 3.2 - same

the unit is like new, not a mark, not a scratch, plastic still on screen, 100% hasnt been opened before. hopefully my ticket gets a response soon.

Hello All,

Just checking if this issue has had a solution. My Prime 4 recently started dropping volume unless centered in the headphone mix. Contour knob is disabled but was tested and functional. No damage. 


unfortunatly not.

denon wanted me to pay to ship the unit from Ireland to Germany, then pay their enginner to assess it and provide me with the cost to repair. then i would pay to get it fixed, or pay to ship it back to ireland.

disgraceful service, i sold it as faulty and went back to pioneer. the unit was as good as new. terrible.

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Did I understood correctly that the unit was bought second hand 2y ago? So it’s over 2y old?

And that the previous owner did not had this issue, meaning it was not purchased by him with this defect?

I’m not sure what you expected tbh, that inMusic will fix it for free?

And btw I agree, inMusic is a shitty company on a global level but for different reasons.