Prime 4 Compatibility w/ Rane Twelve MKII

Hi All,

I recently purchased a Prime 4. I want to hook up a pair of Rane Twelve MK2 turntables with the unit. I’ve done a lot of research online yet have come up with no answers if this setup is compatible…

  1. Is this setup possible? (Dennon Prime 4 with 2 Rane Twelve turntables)

  2. If so, how do I go about setting it up?

  3. Once setup - Will I be able to use all four decks (2 on the Prime 4 controller and the two Rane twelves) at the same time? What about in standalone mode? Will all the FX work on the MKIIs?

  4. If not, what are my best options / ways to setup two turntables with the Prime 4? Can you use the phase DVS controller?

Thank you all so very much for any help! I would really appreciate any feedback on how to make this dream setup possible :blush:

One Love! :call_me_hand:

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Although Rane and Denon are part of the same family, there’s zero compatibility with the usb connectors from the Rane 12s to anything other than the Rane mixer , as far as we know

Here’s what the rane website says


The Rane DJ Twelve is an official Serato DJ Pro accessory that enhances your existing Serato DJ Pro setup. The Twelve can be connected with any Serato DJ Pro-enabled device mixer with enough channels.

While some users may be successful in integrating their Twelves alongside a Serato DJ Pro-enabled controller, this may result in unexpected audio artifacts or unexpected controller behavior when combined with controllers with high-resolution platters.


I know you can hook up the Rane twelve with different mixers other than their own brand. A official Pioneer DJ rep said you can hook them up with the DDJ1000 SRT for example. I also know the Rane 12 is “DVS” compatible with Serato / Rekordbox (although unofficially) ect…

Since the Prime 4 is a Serato enabled controller… shouldn’t the connection work? Either with a laptop or in standalone mode? While being able to use all 4 decks?

The risk is ranes own comment about unwanted operation and artifacts -

Worst case scenario is -:- you could spend thousands getting things that sound like you’ve spent less than one hundred

Yes. Connect the Twelves to a powered hub. Use the deck selector to choose the deck on each unit.


No the Twelves cant control Engine OS

Yes if using the Prime 4 + Twelve + Serato DJ

If you want to use Phase, then you need to buy the Serato DJ DVS plug-in, a separate purchase.

Yes, people use them with all sorts of gear and not only the Rane mixers. The only thing is that you may have to use a USB hub. I ve seen them usee with the S11, S9, Mixars, 1000SRT etc

The Twelve MK2 has two modes to connect to DJ software. You can use HID mode (Serato, Virtual DJ) or DVS mode (where it sends a timecode signal to the softwares - Serato, VDJ, Traktor, Rekordbox DJ)


Ok great! Thanks Much for the response. :call_me_hand:

I currently own a novation audio hub 2x4 with 3 USB inputs. Would it be possible to plug the Prime 4 into one hub, and use the two other ports for the Rane Twelves? Then route the audio hub to the macbook running serato?

How would the audio wiring have to be setup?

(Example : Ranes RCA To Prime 4 (decks 3/4) then Prime 4 output to the audio hub, and audio hub to computer?)

Would this setup (through the audio hub) then get rid of the unwanted sound artifacts?

Thanks again for everyone’s help this has been extremely beneficial :blush::pray:

Its always recommended to plug any Serato Audio interfaces eg your Prime 4 directly into the laptop if possible.

The Rane 12s can be plugged in via the USB hub you mentioned.

To use the TWELVES in HID with Serato DJ I would connect the Prime 4 via straight USB cable to laptop, then the Twelves will be connected to the Prime4 rear USB hub

for DVS Mode if you don’t like the HID mode, plug the phono/rca cable from the RANE TWELVE MK2 into these