Prime 4 changes in the next firmware

Ok as some of you just getting your prime 4 , I have mine already, Post what would you would like changed in the next firmware update. Yes it’s time already. I had a week to play with my P4, and here is my list.

  1. The Horizontal wave form or track grid at the top , the play head should be brite white, you only have the option of choosing a color asthe same as the cue Mark’s so it get lost in the shuffle as it plays across the same color cue markers.

  2. Track info at Header or top should have the same info as the track library in the middle especially like BPM, any notes about track length, etc or put BPM in the middle of jog wheel, I dont need the album cover track art anywhere. When you search for new track and move the scroll menu in middle between the wave forms up or down you lose the track info or change page you lose it, so put the track info at the top header and it should never change untill you kick the track out with another. All it gives you is the Title of track we need BPM, especially when I’m transitioning to a much higher or lower bpm and I need to throw a last sec effect in when I see the Bpm is so much different .when you do weddings you play every genre and for production and talking at the same time not just straight mixing by ear. 3, I would like the option of putting the vertical wave forms next to each other from both tracks like Serato.not just on the far left and right of the screen.

  3. Fix Engine Prime to keep track order from serato playlist when transferring, this should have been done along time ago.

  4. Better AIFF-C track read from serato to engine prime. SOME AIFF-C tracks do not retain there tags, you lose title of track, loops, cues please fix, some of your recording done in serato are AIFF-C. Format.

6.ability to edit track info in prime 4 not just in engine prime,

  1. Easier way to do track ratings , I see the rating but where in the hell do you rate your track , still looking.

  2. Add ability to hold shift to adjust the pitch bend to give you more adjustment without changing the pitch when you hold down shift . Like pioneer controllers do , so much easier.

  3. In the library the ability to adjust your columns, left or right to see more of what matters to you.

  4. Add the color white to the platter colors. Well that’s my top 10 lol, everybody different, what works for me may not be your request but if enough if us reach out to Denon with similar needs hopefully we can get Denon to make this a real good choice of a controller.

Why even start this topic when request topics are already being made?


This is suppose to be a discussion will denon listen to one person request. Why thus the forum to discuss to get others opinions about the this topic, the prime 4 you learn a lot from others contributing feedback not to tell others to be close minded and dont learn from others. I am happy and hopefull to discuss improvements on the prime.

Certainly I would not be inspired by pioneer, word of one who works with all the major brands.

Okay you clearly don’t understand my posts…

It has nothing to do with negativity. In recent weeks the DenonDJ staff paved a new way so that we all can participate and communicate to make the Prime ecosystem better. Making requests via standard forms, liking the request if one would feel the same and discussing those requests. There is even a bug section.

So again: why create a topic with 10 requests and improvements? Make them official in separate topics; and the amount of likes might make them a higher priority and put them on a development list.

(I own the complete Prime system for years now, so feel free to ask me questions being a new Prime user)


Do you have a picture if your prime 4 this is what the post is about , not the prime series in general, you clearly didnt read the post, is to get opinions specifically the prime 4, can you comment on any of these ideas I gave with personally experience using the prime 4, your in the Netherlands no shipments i believe there, this post is for hands on users of the prime4.

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Hi @DJalegre and congratulations on receiving your Prime 4!

Great to see you’ve had a chance to play and come up with some suggestions. :slight_smile:

We have a new system in place to allow users to list individually the features they would like to see and would be great if you could post them here:

Posting this way allows us to see how requested and wanted they are on a global scale as well as a defined area for the developers to review.

Please search for each request first as they may have already been suggested, if so simply like the original post and feel free to add any additional comments if they are not added.

Similarly we also have a new area for bug reports which can be posted here:

Thanks very much for your time and hope you enjoy Prime 4!

Regards Jay

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Please, I beg of thee! Allow us the option to turn off the flashing play/pause and CUE buttons. My anxiety levels are through the roof with these flashing lights!

+1 to horizontal waveforms. I knew I was getting pretty lazy with my beat matching after all these years with SDJ. Am having to actually practice mixing again.

Hope you are aware of the forum features request threads?

This will be my final reply to your stubbornness. Only your points 1 and 2 are Prime4 specific. The rest is Prime general.

If you want to add to the discussion, then join the different Prime4 discussions after searching the forum. Like I stated, and Jason confirmed what I already said to you >> Make those requests count in the request area or join the discussions already started there. That’s why I asked you in my first reply “why start a new topic?”.

And I certainly don’t need your “precious Prime4 hand-on” requirement to post here. You know I have a Prime4X (2x2+X) unit in a box, right? You’ve read my profile. Look: