Prime 4 broken. Denon big let down

I got my prime 4 bang on 2 years ago. I love it, superb machine, fantastic. Out of nowhere i turned it on, it lit up then shut off within 2 seconds. It was broken.

I went onto the denon website taking a ticket, i got an automated reply. I waited but nothing.

2 months later i got a reply stating we are glad you issue had been resolved. What on earth. Nearly 2 grand on a product and you couldnt be bothered to contact your customer.

I replied after another 4 weeks i got reply saying that had been busy and it was out of warranty.

I am so sad at the awful poor customer service which puts me very sadly ever off buying another denon product.

Thankfully the company i brought it off thomann who have been superb offer a 3 year warranty, i had to send it back to them, they said the motherboard had gone which i am hearing is a regular issue. They are currently doing the ÂŁ1500 repair under their own 3 year warranty for me and it shoulf be back soon.

Awful awful poor show denon, not only having a product with a occuring fault but your customer service is the longest wait and so so poor!

Not even an offer of where i could get it repaired through Denon, nothing at all. Clearly do not care once they have your money.

I will not be buying again and returning to poineer for my next big purchase, this is how to lose customers

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Here is a copy of the warranty information, outside the US the repair of goods is handled by your authorised dealer. In my case i had to take it back to where id bought it and they arranged the return and repair.

The ticket system online is useless but in this case it wasn’t the correct process to go through.

Denon DJ Warranty Information (

Good luck with the return to Pioneer, ive never had many issues with my personal Pioneer products, but i have heard plenty of stories of problems from others.


For everyone who is reading this as well, am i wrong or isn´t it normal that your dealer is responsible for repairs/ warranty issues (they get normaly in contact with the manufacturer)?

At least in Germany i never contacted the manufacturer like Denon, for warranty issues. It is always Media Markt, Thomann or another store.


Yeah thats it, outside the US its your dealer who liaises with Denon on your behalf. It also means they handle the shipping of the item back and forth for you.

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Ok thanks. Than i don´t get the hate due to the not responding support of Denon.

I am sure Pioneer never fails and the support is superb.

Oh wait, there are negativ comments outside of the pioneer forum, might it be that someone on the Pioneer side is censoring their own forum? Who knows.

Booth, denon and pioneer, work with similar parts. Booth can fail.


Ive only browsed the Pioneer forum momentarily and my first impressions were its a poorly put together pain in the backside to navigate around.

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STU-C is correct, the process wasn’t followed.

But it is also true that Denon DJ ticket support is a joke, I see no point in pretending that “oh, they didn’t need to respond”. He is a customer, he should have gotten AT LEAST an automated response with instructions to contact his dealer if the unit is within manufacturer or dealer warranty.


Yep, fully on board with this, it would be such a simple thing to set up too.

Your mixing up warranty (Gewährleistung, provided by the seller by law) and guarantee (Garantie, provided voluntarily by the manufacturer).

First one is depending on the country. In Germany it in theory 2 years, practically theres reversal of the burden of proof after 6 months, so after that its pretty much your seller’s goodwill…

Second one is dependant on whatever deal the manufacturer made with distributors or sellers, but guarantee is provided (paid for or whatever) by the manufacturer on paper.

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Ahh ok thanks.

I’d like to see some links to go along with that fairly rare outcome.

That people at Pioneer censor their own forum when you report problems is real as life… I can say and affirm. They have many more defects and failures, what happens is that publications are not allowed… Denon’s technical service (what I have tried) I have never had problems with other equipment in the past, with my prime 4 I am super happy and zero failures, perhaps you have had bad luck and a bad contact with your service, I hope it will be solved soon, greetings, and advice, I would never return to Pioneer… everyone thinks what they want, here if they can say , in other forums… I know not!