Prime 4 bpm

Hello. I have a question:

Why does Prime 4 define some tracks at 124 bpm as 62 bmp ??? At the same time, he himself can turn on the pitch band + -100% mode ???

Hi djachenko and welcome to the Denon forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Why does BPM detection get some tempos wrong? Because BPM detection is not perfect.

The same can (and does) happen with any software which tries to figure out the tempo.

I have an old hardware BPM display, and it does a much better job - presumably as it’s actually “listening” live to the analogue audio signal rather than scanning digital bits.

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Did you import the track from Serato?

No no… Just use engine. Music from Tidal or ssd.

There are always going to be tracks which do this to different softwares. Some tracks will fool two or three bits of software but not other software, other tracks might fool one or two bits of software but not the others.

There’s a BPM half-er and double-er button in Engine to cope with such tracks

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I think it’s strange that in an age where we have software which can separate a song into the component elements (stems), or can display where the vocals are, or can recognise a song from the tiniest snippet and tell you artist & title, that it still struggles to work out tempo.


In Engine Prime and Engine OS you need to select a BPM range before having your songs analyzed. If in your case you have selected (for example) the range that goes from 60 to 120 BPM, it means that the software interprets your song at 124 BPM as if it were at 62 BPM, that is half. You give two solutions: either change the range and repeat the analysis of the songs, or manually correct the BPM by clicking on the “x2” icon.

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